Commentary On Emma Watson’s New Guy Proves She’ll Never Escape Harry Potter

Celebrities can do a lot of things to avoid certain unwanted tabloid headlines. Always emerge from their houses looking perfectly polished and dressed to avoid breakdown rumors. Avoid baggy shirts and large purses if they don’t want pregnancy speculation. For Emma Watson, it seems she should avoid going out with any redheads unless she wants people to think she’s aiming for a real-life Ron Weasley kiss.

Last week Emma suspiciously dinned at a Mexican restaurant in London with a guy with red hair. The Daily Mail also cited her companion’s glasses as a nod to his Ron look, which is doubly silly as everyone knows Ron doesn’t wear glasses. The unnamed man looks no more like Rupert Grint, who played Ron in the movies, than every girl with a pixie cut looks like Emma, but this comparison proves publications are still looking for anyway to connect Emma to the Harry Potter movies of her past.

Other headline ideas for the future include include “Emma Watson Absently Points Coffee Stirrer at Paparazzi, Must Think It’s A Wand,” “Emma Watson Eats a Jellybean, Is It Earwax Flavor?” and “Emma Watson Really Regrets Borrowing Her Friend’s Old Hogwarts Crest Hoodie to Go Out and Grab Some Milk, It Was Cold, And It was Just Lying On The Floor And She Promises It Doesn’t Mean She’s Longing For the Past!”

Short hair, make-up adds, and even a spot in an Oscar nominated movie weren’t enough to get the general public to think Emma before Hermione, but with a staring role in the upcoming movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower maybe soon a date with a redhead will only mean the normal engagement rumors will follow Emma like any other young Hollywood star.

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