With Tiger Eyes A Judy Blume Book Will Finally Hit The Big Screen

Finally a Judy Blume book is getting the movie treatment.Tiger Eyes will be coming out later this year, the first in the Blume canon, which includes YA and children’s books like Blubber and Superfudge, to be made into a film. Judy wrote the screenplay herself with the help of her son Lawrence Blume, so you can count on it staying true to the classic teen novel about a girl dealing with her murder of her father.

Tiger Eye’s
main character will be played by Willa Holland best known for appearing in Gossip Girls and The O.C. Though the book came out more than three decades ago a plan to make it into a movie has been in the works for a long time. Blume’s son, who also directed the film, was eager to see his mom’s book become a film from the beginning saying, “The second I read it I thought, this should be a movie.”

With the hope that this movie will set off a chain reaction that will have all Judy’s classics in development, I think it’s time to do some dream casting for some of her most popular novels. I’d love to see Lea Michele as Forever’s lovestruck Katherine, Amara Miller (the younger daughter in The Descendants) as Are You There God, It’s Me Margret’s titular confused 6th grader, and Rico Rodriguez (Modern Family’s Manny) as Then Again, Maybe I Won’t's anxiety attack prone Tony. With Harry Potter done and the last Twilight film out this fall there’s going to be a big hole in the YA book turned blockbuster genre The Hunger Games can’t fill alone, and I can’t think of anyone better than Judy Blume to help.

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    • Shaan Sagoo

      LOVED the book and AHHHH Love Willa Holland! Cannot wait!