Is Selena Gomez’s Heart Tattoo For Justin Bieber Or Her Band The Scene?

Selena Gomez heart tattooSelena Gomez has got a lot of love in her life lately: Her boyfriend Justin Bieber turns 18 next week, and though she and her band The Scene have parted ways for the time being, she’ll always remember them fondly. So, it’s no surprise that she decided to get a heart tattoo on her wrist.

If you look closely, you can see Selena flashing her new — and very first! — tat in this photo with tattoo artist Jordan Sandoval. He explained the whole thing on Twitter and tweeted the cute pic at left:

She got a little heart tattoo at Under The Gun, in Hollywood by Louie Gomez.

@SAMMYY_xo No, she wasn’t nervous. She is way cute.

Interestingly, all of Sandoval’s tweets have since disappeared. It’s unclear why, since the news is all over the internet already.

Could Bieber have inspired Selena to get the tattoo? After all, he’s got three religious tats alone, including a similarly symbolic one, a dove. Obviously she’s been contemplating this for a while; at a performance last September, she scrawled “Justin” and some hearts on her right wrist with marker for fun.

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