Meet Rachel Crow: The 14-Year-Old X Factor Reject Who Just Got Her Own Show


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    • Tonni

      you got to do something about your hair… you can perm it or press it . there is so many products go to a professional, ok

      • Bree

        no she doesnt she just needs to brush it more,she doesnt need to straighten it, i have the same kind of curly difficult natural hair,its like a perm gone wrong, and by the way a perm would make it more curly, she would need to relax it

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    • Em

      Would it be socially acceptable to watch Nickelodeon just for her? She’s freaking amazing. So happy for her!! :) Stick it to the judges gurrrrl

    • Will

      She doesn’t need to do squat with her hair. It’s perfect the way it is.