The Daily WTF: These Crazy Texts Are Why You Stay Away From Manic Pixie Dream Girls

For your Thursday afternoon, a cautionary tale for both sexes in the modern dating world. For women: If he doesn’t respond after fifty texts, you should gather your tattered pride and move on to a guy who will. For men: Don’t have sex with crazy girls.

Redditor rmcoop27 posted the following crazy texts to r/funny last week; he claims that they’re screenshots from his friend JJ/Kevin‘s phone. As rmcoop27 explains, the girl reached out to Kevin on Facebook with the message of “I hope this isn’t too forward, but I think you’re cute.” They chatted back and forth, she sent naked photos (of course), they met up in-person and had a one-night stand.

Then the real entertainment began. Trust us, you’re gonna want to just keep reading until the end.

Kevin JJ crazy girl texts iPhone

Kevin JJ crazy girl texts iPhone

Kevin JJ crazy girl texts iPhone

Kevin JJ crazy girl texts iPhone

Kevin JJ crazy girl texts iPhone

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    • Carla

      Wow. This woman is my exboyfriend’s twin! Except I’m not as smart as Kevin because I’d let Steve come over, and he’d be fall down drunk, crying about how I’m a bitch and an ice queen and how he loved me so much.

    • Jamie

      I just got secondhand embarrassment! I wonder how many guys she’s done that to since then?

    • Carla

      Also, Kevin is an a-hole. He could have nipped it in the bud way earlier. Sounds like he hit it and quit it. If you don’t want girls getting upset at you, don’t do douchey things. He messed with the wrong girl. Sounds like she has some stuff to deal with.

      Oh, early 20s. I do NOT miss you.

      • Bruce Wayne

        Why is Kevin an asshole? Because he changed his mind about seeing her again after she lost her shit? She left at 2am, he got a text from his friend around 10am about playing cards that night, she asked to see him again, he said he was busy–but in no way implied he wasn’t interested. Until she lost her mind.

        And seriously, if someone chooses to have sex with you, that is their choice. If you choose not to interact with them ever again, that is your choice. No one owes anyone anything, and all this crazy shit? That’s all on her. It’s not like he declared undying love, broke the condom, and tried to buy a house using her credit score. It’s not like they were engaged and he cheated on her. They went on one date after she contacted him on facebook, they hooked up, the next morning she had a meltdown when he wasn’t immediately available to hang out the very next night.

        If it were the other way around–if it were the dude harassing the chick after one date–it would be equally as crazy and unsafe. And you probably wouldn’t be calling the girl an asshole for backing away as soon as the dude she was sort of dating started freaking out.

    • Ally

      Hoooooly fuck in 2 days look at all the ‘realizations’ psycho had. Kevin, there is nothing wrong with getting a restraining order.

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    • Gypsy

      This is not even the half of it. Its actually longer than what they read…it goes on for about 2 weeks and she even claims she’s pregnant in order to get his attention. So pathetic!

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    • guest

      thats crazy!! dont get me wrong, the guy could have been WAY more up front with her, but after the first, oh , 20 messages he got in a row i dont blame him for being uncomfortable speaking to her