A Defense For Why We Posted Whitney Houston’s Casket Photo

Whitney Houston smilingThere’s something I forgot to say yesterday when I posted the National Enquirer‘s photo of Whitney Houston in her casket.

See, I was so worked up by the fact that these guys sneaked a cell phone in solely for the sake of capturing a blurry, inglorious photo of a celebrity corpse. But, as some of you have pointed out, my criticism seemed hypocritical because Crushable had also published that same photo.

For the most part, the comments section of the post has been dedicated to remembering the diva, but some of you took exception with us:

Whitney Houston casket photo Crushable comments

Whitney Houston casket photo Crushable comment

The distinction I want to make, to separate Crushable from the Enquirer, is that in this taboo situation they were proactive whereas we were reactive. We have neither the resources nor the inclination to obtain this illicit cell-phone pic. But once that news is online, we can’t not comment on it.

And that’s what I had a real problem with—that the Enquirer made the decision to acquire this photo by unethical means in the first place, that they couldn’t leave well enough alone. But just like most of our commenters, I was incredibly curious about what Whitney looks like in death. We all wanted to see if Whitney, who had struggled with addiction and a floundering career, could have finally found peace. That’s why we’re having this conversation in the post.

Furthermore, commenter Gina makes an excellent point: Part of what makes Whitney’s photo such a charged matter is that her family had a closed-casket funeral and made the viewing private.

Whitney Houston casket photo Crushable comment

It’s a difficult call in these situations, whether the family should relinquish control over to the star’s fans or if their dedication and CD/iTunes purchases mean nothing at the end of the day. But the strange push-and-pull, of a live-streamed funeral versus secretively protecting actual photos, certainly created a situation where someone could profit because of fans wanting what they couldn’t have.

What I was too distracted to say yesterday — echoing what so many of you have already taken the time to comment — is that Whitney looks beautiful.

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    • Breezy

      so i just seen whitney houston’s casket photo, and i must say she looks beautiful and at peace. The pic is actually tasteful, however it’s a bit inappropriate, she was always put on display in the media, and even in death they continue…hopefully Whitney can rest in peace soon. R.I.P to our Jersey girl Whitney Houston

      Whitney, our people have tore you down, said that you couldn’t and wouldn’t, made horrible assumptions, and flat out were disrespectful at such a rough time in your life. While it may seem like we turned our backs on you, your Jersey fans have always and will always keep a special place in our hearts for you. You are finally with YOUR idol, Jesus Christ, rest easy Whitney ! <3

      With heavy hearts and much love,
      Breezy and New Jersey

    • roggie13

      Everytime I watch the news the media is plastering video/pictures of gruesome deaths of people… some children so what is so wrong about this? Just because these people are not American or Canadian does not mean they are not human beings at least it was a tasteful photo of Whitney all dolled up laying in her gold casket not laying on some street with a bullet in her head and some loved one holding them and crying nor was it an autopsy photo. People were all to easy to point the finger when she was stoned out of her mind for the past 10 years and followed along with her downward spiral. Now that she is gone everyone is treating her like she was some angel. she was no better then some 26 year old mother of two that got hooked on drugs, couldn’t take life anymore and overdosed to end her pain, we just made out like she was better. The trouble with our society today is nobody cares about the 26 year old, she was not some singer, moviestar, or athlete but just another forgotten face in the crowd.

      • traci

        THIS! i couldn’t agree more. the every day addict is forgotten.

    • barbarag

      I feel like at this point people should let the family have time to morn an stop pushin them out in the veiw of the media and fans it is tastless an very disrespectful to whitney’s daugther ,Bobbi Krist she needs to heal at this point ,not have her dead mom body lookin at her in sum stupid money hungry news paper shame on u national enquirer ur paper stinks an has bad smell about …..

    • J

      First (and last) time visiting this site.

      Nice backpedal attempt, Zutter, but you are full of shit.

      And yep, I came because I googled “Whitney Houston casket” and your site was top of the list. Exactly what you wanted.

    • Tony McLean


    • JROSS

      I see the point of why you posted this. I do agree that it probably could have been blurred BUT after it’s all said and done, the photo is out there for any and everyone to view thanks to whomever photographed her and sold it a known publication that illicits trash and spreads gossip like a 12 year old tween. In the end, Whitney will be remembered by most as a physically beautiful woman with a voice that is unmatched. She looks as beautiful in her resting state as she did in her all too short life.

    • Cynthia

      Sadly when stars have children the press goes after that First pic so the stars have started putting their own kids pics out first. As for a pic of a star in their coffin I think it is just in bad taste. If the family were to do the same the public would say the same about them and want their pound of flesh. Cissy went out of her way to have a tasteful service and sadly the Enquire and other mags have changed this into something very un-tasteful. RIP Whitney Sorry about this but we know you no longer are in that house you are in an indistructable house now.

      • Marti

        I agree 100%
        Ms. Houston:

    • SUPERMAN5775

      Say what? Two wrongs don’t make a right. You are a hypocrite for badmouthing one publication for publishing that picture and then turning around and posting the very same picture that you are badmouthing that publication for publishing. Don’t you get it yet? Your answer is lame and a more serious retrospective needs made for you and your business’ decision to go ahead and post (publish online the picture). End of Story. If anything a better answer would be to say to all those that look upon what you did unfavorably is you are right and we were wrong. End of story.