Chris Brown Makes Another “Mistake” And Continues To Prove Why We Hate Him

In shocking news, Chris Brown’s anger problems got the best of him once again when a fan pissed him off by attempting to take a photo of the singer. CBS Miami reports that on February 19th, a fan followed Chris Brown to his car after he left Cameo Nightclub on Miami Beach.

When Brown got into his Black Bentley, Shanae Spann pulled out her iPhone and took a picture of him sitting in the car. Spann told police Brown got angry, reached through his car window and snatched the phone from her hands.

The singer than told her, “Bitch, you ain’t going to put that on no website,” according to the report. Brown then rolled up his window and drove away with her iPhone.

Not only did he snatch her phone out of her hand, but he followed it up with the always complimentary “bitch.”  Before Team Breezy deploys all over the Internet, attempting to defend poor, victimized Chris Brown, let me say one thing.

This is why we can’t stop talking about what he did to Rihanna. This is why we have to bring up his brutal assault on her face whenever he’s in the media. Because as much as Team Breezy forgives him and as much as Rihanna forgives him (or returned to her abuser like many typical abuse victims), he still has uncontrollable anger problems.

While I agree that being followed by fans everywhere you go must be frustrating, Chris Brown proves time and time again he cannot control his actions when he gets frustrated. I won’t get into the broken windows, chair throwing, and angry tweets because those have all been discussed in depth since the Grammys. But of all human beings on Planet Earth, he should be on his very best behavior right now. There’s no excuse for him to be snatching a phone out of someone’s hand or calling her a bitch.

He can pretend like he’s the victim all he wants, but it’s hard to convince anyone it’s true when he’s constantly creating new victims in his wake.


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    • Dianna Wilson

      This is a load of rubbish why why would Chris Brown steal a fans phone, he is always willing to take pictures. People are trying to cause trouble.. I don’t believe that. sorry its false why

    • Muffy

      New victims? lol

      Until facts come out it’s hearsay. Why would he steal an iphone? She cliaimed this happned on sunday? Peoeple can make up any story about him and you people would print as if it’s fact. Case and point, the one about the pick up line. If it is false, his people should be more hard on people when it comes to these kind of lies. You cannot stop them all, but it would stop a lot of people from telling them.

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    • Rosie Miss Borii

      There is absolutely no reason to hate him for something so stupid. Im sure even if he did do this does it really matter? No, not really but keep being a hater! He needs all the haters he can get because all youir really doing is makuing him even more famous. <3

    • ritah nguta

      thats rubbish or may be another reason to love him more.keep going boy

    • floxy

      wats the deal…..y cnt u jst let chris be….steal an iphone?realy?…..GO TEAM BREEZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • team breezy

      no-one can actually control their anger if u get angry u do things u intend not to and im not saying this cos im a fan im saying this cos everythime he does sumin wrong u always pull da fact about rihanna but why? the reason u gave is pathetic!! everyone has done something horrible and bad like chris no-one judges them like that and no-one brings up the old things.

      • Jenni

        You’ve hit a woman out of anger? Because beating up someone so hard that they have to go to the hospital is different than losing your temper and swearing or hitting the wall. If your anger puts another human being in the hospital, it’s a problem.

      • flossy

        If you honestly believe nobody brings this up and will continue to bring this up you’re insane.

    • treyy

      he published a naked pic of himself lol

    • Belinda Ronald

      Y’all just want people to start hating him more just leave the poor guy alone .As for me team breezy all the way!!!!!!