Let’s Talk About Glee‘s Bridesmaids Poster And Quinn’s Car Crash

Glee Bridesmaids Quinn car crash Rachel wedding

I stumbled across this promotional image from Fox when searching for reactions to Glee‘s winter finale, “On My Way.” It was the first time I’d seen the image, which features the ladies of McKinley High’s glee club doing a questionable homage to Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo‘s Oscar-nominated comedy Bridesmaids. At least that explains why the girls were wearing such horrible pink dresses in the episode!

I can’t quite put my finger on why, but this image rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it’s because Glee has become so damn smug, and it’s way too easy a joke for them to make. Not to mention that the whole plotline of Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn (Cory Monteith) getting married even though they don’t want to be stuck in Lima happened way too fast and has catapulted the show into unrealistic territory.

Bridesmaids poster Oscar nominated Best Original Screenplay

And of course, we have to point out that poor Quinn (Dianna Agron) doesn’t even get to be part of the jokey Bridesmaids photo. Because at best, she’ll be in the hospital when the show returns on April 10, and at worst she’ll be the second character they’ve killed off senselessly.

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    • Mesrianilaw

      I think this is a great way to warn teenage motorists these days regarding distracted driving. I want to congratulate Glee for portraying characters that show real life problems that plague the country thee days.

    • BridgetM

      I’m a huge fan of the show. This was probably one of the best episodes this season. With that said, why do we have to wait until April 10th to see the conclusion. If the writers are taking votes, I just want to take this opportunity to ask them not to kill off Quinn. I understand it’s an important issue these days and I’m guilty of texting while Driving. But can you please let the fans have their happy ending???

    • Beth

      A bit of research seems to be needed here. That was NOT a promotional image from Fox. It was an impromptu shot/idea that Harry Shum Jr. (aka Mike on Glee) came up with and Lea Michele (and other cast members) later Tweeted. Whether or not Fox later decided to use it too, I don’t know, but the origin of it was just cast members goofing off, enjoying the moment, and sharing some of their real-life Glee with the fans. In that context, I LOVE it. If had been intended to be something official as you suggest, I could maybe see your point. Given the actual reality of the context of the shot, however, your point is, well, pointless.

    • MaNdie

      I’m A Huge Fan Of The Show…But I Don’t Think They Should Kill Quinn… Maybe They Can Make Her Disabled But Not Killed xS… And I Don’t Think Rachel And Finn Should Even Get Married, Aren’t They Young For That !!….However I’m A Great Gleek xD

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    • Caitie

      3rd character that could have been killed off senselessly, actually-first was Pavarotti, second was Jean