Glee Report Card: On My Way… To The Hospital

Glee 3x14 "On My Way" Sectionals Quinn car crash

Glee’s winter finale (which I thought was in December, but whatever), really tackled some issues last night. The episode starts off by showing us David Karofsky getting bullied at his new school, and then he attempts suicide. We learn about how Mr. Shue wanted to kill himself in eleventh grade, but he didn’t and wants the New Directions to promise to never kill themselves. This story line  is pretty emotional, but it really pulls at your heartstrings when Kurt visits Karofsky in the hospital and helps him imagine his life in 10 years.

Then there’s also the issue of teen marriage. Rachel and Finn can’t wait any longer and want to get married now because being married in high school is totally awesome (and because Rachel’s dads stayed up all night before the wedding rolling finger sandwiches).

They invite the whole glee club to their wedding which is right after regionals, and Quinn said she will come and support Rachel’s marriage, she just has to go home and get her bridesmaids dress. On her way home, Rachel texts her to “HURRY,” and Quinn attempts to text back, but she gets hit by a car. So they tackled texting and driving in this one too, guys.

Other than that, it was your typical performance-heavy, competition episode, so let’s get to the grades.

“Cough Syrup”
Performed by Blaine
Originally performed by Young the Giant

While Blaine sings this song on the auditorium stage, there are also flashes of what is happening to Karofsky at his new school, and right when the song ends, we see Karofsky stand on a chair with a belt in his hands. I love Darren Criss and have been missing him the past few episodes when he had a broken eyeball.

Grade: A

Performed by The Warblers
Originally performed by Lenny Kravitz

For me, this was a boring number. The Warblers didn’t seem as charismatic as they have in the past, and I don’t think Sebastian is a good leader of the group.

Grade: C

“Glad You Came”
Performed by The Warblers
Originally performed by The Wanted

Right before this performance, Sebastian asked if everyone could put money in the donation baskets that were going around. They are donating all of the money to Lady Gaga‘s Born This Way Foundation because of the Karofsky incident.

Once they got to singing, I remembered why I like The Warblers. These boys can dance and look like all of the ’90s boy bands put together in prep school uniforms.

Grade: B+

Just as we think we are about to see the Golden Goblets perform in their purple medieval dresses, the show cuts to the New Directions getting ready backstage.

“Fly/I Believe I Can Fly”
Performed by New Directions
Originally performed by Nicki Minaj Ft. Rihanna/R. Kelly

We get it, Glee, you can make mash-ups. However, no matter how sick I am of Glee‘s mash-ups, I had to like this one. Artie gets to sing, and we hear Santana rap (she’s good). I’m sure it made the vampire judge think about flying around every time he turns into a bat.

Grade: B+

Performed by The Troubletones
Originally performed by Kelly Clarkson

This was the number the Troubletones got to perform at regionals if they came back to New Directions earlier in the season. I always loved The Troubletones, and I loved this performance. I like Lea Michele, but she sings a majority of the songs on Glee, so it was nice to get some Santana/Brittany/Mercedes sass. This was upbeat and powerful, which is what I like in my regionals episodes.

Grade: A

“Here’s to Us”
Performed by Rachel
Originally performed by Halestorm

This song is only Rachel. The girls come out behind her and sing background while the guys appear on the balconies and harmonize, but this is totally all Lea. Rachel’s dads are in the audience cheering for her and looking surprised like they’ve never heard her sing before. Then the number gets overly cheesy when Rachel starts looking at Finn and singing directly too him with love in her eyes. Barf.

Grade: B

New Directions wins regionals! Cue the slow motion shots of them celebrating with their trophy.

I always love the competition episodes whether it’s sectionals, regionals or nationals. Don’t skip this episode, especially if you finally want to see Sue Sylvester be the nicest she’s ever been because of pregnancy hormones.

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