The Daily WTF: Someone Wrote A Jeremy Lin Book In 72 Hours

Linsanity: The Improbable Rise of Jeremy Lin eBook Alan GoldsherThis is a whole new level of Linsanity: Wanting to corner the market on Jeremy Lin biographies, online publisher Vook has put out a new ebook about the basketball star, titled Linsanity: The Improbable Rise of Jeremy Lin. Now, consider that three weeks ago we didn’t know this kid’s name, and in the real world it takes months or even years for fully-formed books to progress from idea to publication.

So it’s incredible how quickly this book got turned around. Novelist and sportswriter Alan Goldsher wrote it in only 72 hours; it took 36 hours to build the ebook; and it was available online 24 hours later for $1.99. That’s about six days, which is impressive even if the book clocks in at only 15,000 words.

The length should be taken into account here, since National Novel Writing Month‘s minimum is 50,000 words, and there are many who still consider that a novella. So, Goldsher wasn’t typing away at Moby Dick for those three days, but he and Vook still stand to make a lot of cash by taking this ambitious step forward.

The team is still waiting on some licensing issues before adding photos and videos to the “enhanced edition,” but obviously they wanted to get the words out above all. They claim that this is the next move for publishing: To jump on a trend immediately. I really hope this doesn’t catch on; after all, do we really want a rapid-fire biography on the next Rebecca Black before we have time and perspective on these instant celebrities?

Not that I’m lumping Jeremy Lin in with the “Friday” singer. But you see what I’m getting at.

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    • Mac

      I’m about halfway through this thing, and it’s actually really good. Knicks fans will love it.

    • Hal

      Im a big fan of Goldsher. I just downloaded the book! I’m a Cleveland fan but Lin is the real deal!