Jay-Z Was Taking Lin-agra At The Knicks Game Last Night

Even Jay-Z has a boner for Jeremy Lin‘s playing, or so it would seem. Last night, on his first public outing with Beyonce since the birth of Blue Ivy Carter, Jay-Z looked incredibly happy to be watching basketball, if you know what I mean.

As he canoodled with his curiously well-rested looking wife, sharp eyed people spied what looked like a raging stiffie in his pants…and by “sharp eyed people,” I mean MediaTakeout:

Was Hova just really impressed with Lin’s playing? Or was he, as MTO posits, “EXCITED…after CUDDLING with the new THICKER BEYONCE!!” Or maybe that’s just how those (probably very expensive) pants are supposed to look. In any case: how embarrassing.

In other Jay and Bey news, nobody is allowed to touch their golden Jesus child. That’s probably a good policy, considering all the exotic pathogens their pal Gwyneth is constantly exposing herself to via wholesale acai berry shipments from Bali.

(Via MediaTakeout)

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    • Jenni Maier

      Is this going to be like Beyonce’s “dress malfunction” when she was pregnant where it “folded weirdly” and made everything think she wasn’t pregnant. I’m sure he’s going to say that’s just the pants…