Could Nick Jonas And Delta Goodrem Have Broken Up Because Of Her Fellow The Voice Judge Joel Madden?

Delta Goodrem Nick Jonas break up Joel MaddenOver the weekend, Nick Jonas and his older girlfriend, Australian singer Delta Goodrem, quietly ended their year-long relationship. The pairing always seemed a bit odd, as they started dating shortly after Delta ended her seven-year relationship/engagement to Irish singer Brian McFadden; not to mention the eight-year age difference.

The couple released a joint statement that was just the facts, ma’am:

“Nick and Delta have decided mutually to end their relationship.

“At this point in time, they are both focused on their careers as they go on different paths. They remain friends and wish each other the best for the future.”

However, ONTD and Dlisted have given us reason to believe that there could be a new twist in the story. You see, on Valentine’s Day Dlisted picked apart a recent blind item from Crazy Days and Nights that seems like it can’t fit anyone but this couple. As the blind tells it, there’s a foreign-born singer/actress (A-list in her country but not really known in the States) who’s pretending to date an A-list tween star so that she can get with her real lover, a hasbeen A-list celeb who’s married to and has kids with a reality star. The foreign singer and her secret boyfriend will be filming a show abroad soon, which will let them decide if they should try to actually make a go of things.

Does your brain hurt yet? Despite the convoluted blind, it’s actually pretty simple. Delta is Australian, and (up until this weekend) dating Nick; it would seem that she’s secretly with Joel Madden, who’s married to Nicole Richie. Joel and Delta will be judges on the Australian version of The Voice, for which they’re filming now.

Yeah, that seems to sum everything up. Alternatively, you could also peg one of the show’s other judges, Seal; but even though his soon-to-be-ex-wife Heidi Klum is known for her appearances on Project Runway, she was a supermodel long before she first dabbled in reality TV.

According to Delta fansites, she’s been friends with both Joel and Benji Madden for a while; she and Joel got dinner in LA last month, as you can see below.

Delta Goodrem Joel Madden dinner

I for one hope the affair part isn’t true; I’ve always thought he and Nicole Richie were one of the few young Hollywood couples who seemed grounded and actually content with their lives.

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    • Lilsi

      The stories of Joel and Nicole supposedly arguing started because of him accepting a job for the Voice. With them reportedly being “separated for months and months that’s going to cause strain, etc etc.” But these gossip sites don’t seem to realize that in every interview lately, Joel and Nicole have BOTH said that Nicole and the children will be joining him in Australia for his stint on the Voice. Though she is not in the country yet due to her new line launching for QVC. That’s the key that the blind item is missing which says girl and mystery guy will be using that time to evaluate their relationship. Which leads me to believe it’s really about Seal and not Joel. Also, though I’m a Good Charlotte fan, they were never really “A-List” which makes no sense to refer to Joel as A-List.

    • Tiffanie

      Alright so just because theyre working together and theyre seen out to lunch he’s suddenly cheating on his wife?? NO NO NO NO NO. If u pay attention to his twitter, he’s always talkin about how he loves his wife and his family. This BS is like some1 telling my husband I’m cheating because I’m goin out to lunch with a few coworkers. Lame a$$ lie. Whoever it is, its NOT Joel stop tryin to pin this crap on him because he’s a faithful husband and his fans see that on twitter. Just a thought. Delta and Joel are VERY good friends, nothing more. At all.

    • Kim

      I read an article quoted by Joel…the key to a successful marriage is to not screw anyone, you can do anything else but screw someone else & thats a deal breaker…. Then he went on to mrntion how he knows this as he has done this with every relationship but this one. Could old habits die hard???

    • Antoinette

      That blind item is a headache. Delta and Joel have known each other for over 10 years. I would say it’s more like a brother and sister relationship. Yeah I don’t consider Joel A list either. Seal yes and Delta looks like a younger version of Heidi. Both guys have major issues imo tho I would stay far away. It can’t be that hard to be with Jonas can it?