The Crushable 25: Is Your Internet Crush On The List?

Crushable 25 - Shane Dawson, Keenan Cahill, Lucas Cruikshank, Ryan Higa, Chris Crocker

Each year for the Crushable 25, we endeavor to include at least one YouTube celebrity, but we can’t make this monumental decision alone. Seeing as these comedians, lip-syncers, and performance artists get to be where they are from the millions of subscribers they rack up, we’re turning it over to you, the fans, to decide who’s gonna represent the Internet Crush vote on this year’s Crushable 25 list. (Here’s a look at the 2011 list to jog your memory.)

So whether you’re a dedicated fan of YouTube personas Fred and Shananay and their respective creators, or if you think, “Hey, it’s that guy who [made the 'Leave Britney Alone!' video] or [lip-synced with 50 Cent],” we want your votes! Tell us which of these five gents should be on our Crushable 25 list next month.

Voting ends Tuesday, February 28!

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Kim

      I want Nathan Ryan in the contest! Go Nate

    • Sarah

      I want Nathan Ryan in this contest!!!!! Please

    • Natelover

      I love you Nathan!!!! Please have nate in the contest

    • Meg

      Nathan Ryan rocks!!!!!!!! Better be in the contest

    • Nate freak

      Nathan ryan is the best thing ever. :$ we want Nate!!!!!

    • Nate is hot

      Nathan inspires so many people!!! Please let Nathan in the contest. That is all.

    • nathan for life

      i would vote for nathan ryan :)

    • cam

      this nathan ryan kid is taking over!

    • shane

      Nathan Ryan going to be bigger youtube star then i…

      shane dawson

    • brittney

      ryan higa!!

    • jessica

      I want to Keenan in the contest

    • Walter Lavoie

      My vote would absolutly have to go to Keenan Cahill.You deserve to win Keenan.You do what you do to make other people happy,and laugh.It doesn.t matter how good or bad of a singer you are.Or even if your lipsyncing is good or not.I believe by faith that you are a good man,and as long as you stay true to yourself .The people who care for you the most will stay true to you.Take care of yourself Keenan.

      • patricia

        so true i would love to have

    • Jessi

      How is Philip Defranco not on this list?!

    • MiMi

      Vote for Ryan Higa!!! He’s Awesome, adorable, Hot, Funny, smart, and he is very sweet to his fans. ♥

    • Yazmine Granados

      RYAN HIGA he is so hot,funny,smart and talented

    • Kayla

      Shane Dawson should win. He is unbelievably sexy.

    • Mckenzie Loves Shane !!

      I love Shane Dawson so much!!GO SHANE DAWSON!!!!!! :D