Trailer: Chris Colfer Wrote And Starred In Struck By Lightning

With the addition of  movie star and screenwriter to his resume (or IMDB profile as they call it in the industry), Chris Colfer just officially became a triple threat. Add in his singing and dancing skills and he’s looking at some kind of lifetime achievement award. Either that or a TLC series that involves his skills, a dwarf family and 60% of the Duggar children.

His new movie, Struck by Lightning, focuses on a high school student’s determination to start a literary magazine so he can get into Northwestern. Except (TWIST), he’s a total loser and can’t convince anyone to join his lit mag. Even if he says it cool like that, “lit mag,” no one will join.

Does this sound like familiar territory? We aGLEE.

Rather than sitting back and watching his Northwestern dreams fall by the wayside (or wherever they fall when Lea Michele isn’t there to catch them), he blackmails his popular classmates into helping him be successful. While this film doesn’t currently have a release date, it does have a strong cast full of names like Christina Hendricks, Allison Janney and Dermot Mulroney. So, snark aside, we’re excited to see it. Whenever that may be.



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    • Rachel

      I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of Glee, and I wasn’t expecting much from this movie, but it actually looks pretty good/interesting/funny. The title is awful though. It makes the movie sound so cheesy.

      • Jenni Maier

        Surprising right, I thought it would look a lot worse.