The Amazing Spider-Man’s First Clip Highlights Peter Parker’s Awkwardness

The Amazing Spider-Man,
out July 3rd has released its first clip, which shows a bumbling Peter Paker (Andrew Garfield) trying to get past the doorman into Gwen Stacy’s (Emma Stone) swanky apartment building.

The clip is short, but it’s long enough to characterize this incarnation of Peter as a little clueless. As the guard stops him and questions him about his purpose in the building he seems completely out of it, unable to explain himself enough to get by. What’s worse, he keeps nervously fingering his bag, which makes the carry-on practically light up with a red warning sign in the eyes of anyone remotely suspicious.

This clip also shows the struggle for a relationship between Gwen and Parker will be more than superhero vs human or beauty vs geek, it will also be middle class vs wealthy. In an time when there’s a constant out-cry against the wealthy top 1% of Americans, adding socioeconomic differences to the mix could make The Amazing Spider-Man not only action packed, but culturally relevant.

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