SNL Was All About The Impressions Last Night

Last night SNL brought back show vet Maya Rudolph, and her energy and ability to fully commit to all her characters was great. Not satisfied with just one guest star SNL also brought in Amy Poehler to bring back Maya’s partner for the Bronx Beat sketch, and for no particular reason (though I’m not complaining) Justin Timberlake, who proved he can do quiet, understated humor just as well as his over the top sketches like Peg the Target Lady.

The night’s best sketches were full of fantastic impression’s from Maya’s gliding turbaned Maya Angelou to Kristen Wiig’s seriously surprised Taylor Swift. Here are two of the sketches with the biggest collections of celebrities, along with Bronx Beat which was hilarious as always.

Jay Pharoah’s impressions are always unnervingly accurate and his Jay-Z was no exception, but the winner of this sketch is Justin Timberlake as Bon Iver. I think he might have actually stolen that song from Bon Iver’s actual recycled paper notebook.

This sketch should spark a trend of all aging actresses getting their own prank shows. Cloris Leachman lets the air out of Doris Roberts’ car! Judi Dench puts ink in Maggie Smith’s tea!

Maya and Amy’s chemistry is fantastic as always; and I think the producers of Hoarders should seriously consider their name change suggestion. Oops I Found A Cat Skeleton would be just as accurate and way more fun to see pop up in the TV guide.

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