‘Jerry Linn’ Responds To Dumb FSU Sorority Girl’s Video Invite For Jeremy Lin

Jerry Linn response ReviewManify YouTube xoxoAngieAngelKudos to YouTube user ReviewManify, who’s jumped on yesterday’s hilarious “Jerry Linn” video and given us exactly what we wanted: A response. To recap: Yesterday, a seemingly idiotic FSU sorority girl named Angie Maxx posted a YouTube video in which she mistakenly identified Asian basketball player Jeremy Linn as black football player Jerry Linn—a guy who, by all accounts, doesn’t seem to exist.

But we stumbled across this video, with a guy claiming to be Jerry reaching out to Angie in the hopes that they might have some sort of YouTube missed connection. This is an excellent parody, as the ReviewManify guy has built up an entire personality out of a fleeting joke.

“I couldn’t resist,” he starts the video off. “Everybody coming to me—Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, when you going to respond? I said to myself, What do I have to lose? Nothing!” He acknowledges that while he doesn’t play for the New York Giants, he does play for his neighborhood team, the Centipedes: “We would’ve won, if it wasn’t for the baby seal incident. I never quite recovered from that.”


Although Angie asked him to reach out to her via her Twitter @xoxoAngieAngel, Jerry says that he’s a MySpace fan. And lo and behold, there’s a brand spankin’ new MySpace profile for Jerry Linn as of 17 hours ago. We’re watching live theater unfold before our eyes!

For her part, Angie hasn’t done much to make us believe she’s not a fake. Her account — with 1,749 followers — has only two tweets:

OMG my video si getting so much attention form evrybody!!! can someone get it to jerry or jereemy or whatever his name is lol

to all you assholes leaving comments on my yutube page, i am NOT a slut! ive only had sex with like 3 guys inthe last 10 days!!!

Yep, that last tweet cemented it: It went from funny to way too self-referential. We’d take fake Jerry Linn over fake Angie any day. (For the record, there’s been no reaction from the real Jeremy Lin yet.)

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    • Wasn’t aware

      Jeremy Linn is a real person either.

      • cool

        jeremy linn is a real person….tard.