Video: Taylor Momsen And The Pretty Reckless Debut Their New Song

Taylor Momsen, every eyeliner ever manufactured and her band The Pretty Reckless just debuted their latest song “You” and I actually really like it. Although it’s a little bit on the emo side for a Friday morning, the acoustic guitar sends a soothing message and makes me feel like Taylor Momsen could potentially have a successful music career.

Last year, everyone was freaking out that Taylor Momsen was out of control in her personal life as well as in her professsional life. On-set rumors of her bad behavior on the set of Gossip Girl leaked out and before long, Taylor Momsen was our new token bad girl. The latest in a string of child actors who couldn’t quite make the leap from being cute on camera to being professional on set.

Not only did she get herself fired from Gossip Girl, but she also started showing up in public in what looked liked Salvation Army’s lingerie party leftovers.

But rather than go down the usual route of reality shows and confessional tell-all books after being fired, Taylor chose to work on her music instead. After hearing this latest song, I think it might actually work out for her.

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    • Jamie Peck

      It’s defs an improvement over her super-cheesy “hard rock” songs, but I still do not want to watch this kid fondle herself.

    • Rael

      Aw, I was hoping it was a new song. This ones been out for awhile. Hopes have been crushed. :{