Chris Brown And Rihanna’s Collaboration Sends The Wrong Message To Team Breezy

News broke last night that Chris Brown and Rihanna are possibly teaming up for a collaboration on the remix of Rihanna’s song “Birthday Cake.” Since Chris Brown reportedly also attended Rihanna’s birthday on Monday, this practically makes their reconciliation official. While this has yet to be confirmed by either party, it still provides all the fuel needed for Team Breezy to renergize their pro-Chris-Brown propaganda train.

After covering Chris Brown several times on Crushable this week, I’ve realized that the problem goes far beyond Chris Brown beating Rihanna to the point where she needed hospitalization and it even goes beyond Chris Brown’s complete lack of remorse. The bigger issue now is Team Breezy, Chris Brown’s rabid fan base, who made headlines this week with their “Chris Brown can beat me any day tweets.”

They’re absolutely determined to clear Chris Brown’s name and attack anyone who tries to point out the truth (the truth being that he beat his girlfriend and doesn’t, to this day, seem to care). I learned this firsthand this week when close to 50 commenters defended him in the post I wrote about how his Grammy “comeback” made me sick as well as my follow-up post on his “fuck the haters” tweet that he wrote in regard to anyone who dared to point out he split Rihanna’s lip down to the bone.

However, rather that convince me that I was wrong to bring up the abuse orthat Chris Brown deserved to be at the Grammys,  the commenters scared me because so many people were willing to come to his defense with illogical arguments.

Among the most disturbing comments:



Rather than receiving 50 comments pointing out that Chris Brown grew up in an abusive home himself and he’s trying to break the cycle of violence or that he’s actually doing a lot of under the radar work with domestic abuse (he isn’t), they simply justify his actions with the excuse that his personal life has nothing to do with with his professional life. Or even worse, it was just an average fight that “high minded feminized intellect types” like to blow out of proportion. While no one comes outright and says Rihanna deserved it, they might as well.

Team Breezy isn’t claiming that Chris Brown made a mistake and grew as a human being because of it. No, their defense has nothing to do with showing people that Chris Brown has changed or that he cares. Their defense is actually suggesting that he did nothing wrong, or that other celebrities have done worse things. That this abuse is just part of life and we need to deal with it. It makes me incredibly sad that so many people out there think that this is acceptable behavior in a relationship and that what happens in the home has nothing to do with what happens in their career. That someone can beat the living daylights out of his girlfriend and then head off to work like nothing is wrong.

And that’s why Chris Brown should take a stand  now and make a statement that what he did was wrong. That’s why Rihanna should not collaborate with him — whether she forgivies him or not. I don’t want to get into victim blaming and I don’t want to say that Rihanna needs to be a spokeswoman for domestic abuse. She never asked to be put into this position and it’s not her responsibility to take on the issue.

But on the other had, they’re public figures, they’re role models for young adults and they’re forgetting that all their fans are watching their reconciliation. That young women who are in abusive relationships are now thinking, “well if it’s okay with the global superstar Rihanna, it’s okay with me.” It’s not. It”s their responsibility to make sure that Team Breezy, Chris Brown’s biggest fans, understands that.

After everything they’ve done for Chris Brown, it’s the least he can do for them.

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    • jodie

      this article is full of shit. chris brown is not trying to cover up the truth or deny the truth. “chris browns lack of remorse” thats the dumbes thing ever. chris brown is as sorry as anyone could ever be for whathe did so that is just dumb. teambreezy doesnt “attack” anyone who points it out. they just tell people to stop judging him and to give him a chance and that what happened is in the past. we are not saying to disregard what happened, but if he wants to move on with his career and life then why cant he? you guys just see the worst in him and arent giving him a chance to prove that hes changed.

    • samar

      ilove chris sososomtche ilove you for ever

    • Genesis

      Jenni, dear, you are beating your head against a wall (you know, like Chris Brown and his dad like to do to women). “Team Breezy” is a lost cause. Rihanna is a West Indian woman and abuse is such a big part of the West Indian cultural fabric, to be honest (I say that as a West Indian woman, before Team Breezy starts hollering at me). It doesn’t surprise me at all that she is back in cahoots with Brown. You’re just giving this entire band of idiots the attention they so crave and a forum, too. Let them live alone on their island of stupidity and denial, and write about other things, now. I think more can be achieved by standing against DV in general and leaving these low lives out of it. If we want them to go away, the media needs to stop covering their every tweet, every birthday party, every …whatever.

    • Courtney

      I’m telling you now if he’d done to me what he did to Rihanna I would be going no where near him.
      It’s ridiculous that Team Breezy and jumping to his defence like that too, if a member of one of my favourite bands did something like that (which none of them ever would because morals) I wouldn’t defend them, I would more than likely lose all respect for them.
      It sickens me that ‘being attractive’ and able to ‘sing’ makes it so he can do something like that and still have fans.

    • akynos

      I love Rihanna to death and defend her side any chance I get. My hate for Chris runs deep like I know him. Possibly because I’m so familiar with this kind of situation that it burns me to the core and I feel as if it happened to me or someone close to me. If Rihanna collaborates with this clown, I may have to be done with her. And I would hope that most of her fans would be too. I try not to be judgmental of the situations of others. I try to understand their stance and their reasoning, but them collaborating better be a sick joke.

      Team Breezy’s fans are a bunch of ignorant children who all need to find themselves in an abusive situation to be more clear on how ridiculous their defense for this clown called Chris is.

      This shows you just where Western societies mindset is, up their ass. Beat your girl, no one cares. She had it coming. These people are more of a joke that Chris ever will be. Sad sad day that he would have to kill her in order for so many to see how this was WRONG.

      And he’s not attractive, nor can he sing. He dances as if he’s got something to prove and like he’s in a minstrel show. Slow down bucko it’s not that serious. And am I the only one that saw this clown’s pencil dick??? I still can’t get why anyone would want to boink him after seeing that.

      And to the comment by Jodie. Bitch, please SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    • Jani

      Ugh, the comments made by Team Breezy are painful. I actually had to stop reading them because the levels of immaturity, idiocy and naivety are astounding. Instead of launching into a hateful and grossly inaccurate rant about how correct she is, I’ll just say I agree with Jenni.

    • Henry

      Alright, I wasn’t going to comment, but this article is just too ignorant and biased:

      “Chris Brown beating Rihanna to the point where she needed hospitalization”
      She didn’t need hospitalization. She went to the police, they took pictures of her, and within a week she was seen jet skiing at her leisure and having fun.

      “Chris Brown’s complete lack of remorse”
      Remember this event occurred three years ago. He not only issued a public apology via Youtube, but also appeared on Larry King Live to apologize on national television. Not to mention that considering he and Rihanna are hanging out all the time now, he clearly has apologized to her and she is over the situation.

      “his Grammy “comeback” made me sick”
      Really? A popular, successful singer and dancer was invited to entertain at a music entertainment awards show, and this makes you sick?

      “he split Rihanna’s lip down to the bone”
      Once again, why people choose to create injuries that he caused to Rihanna just because it makes their argument sound better absolutely baffles me.

      “he’s actually doing a lot of under the radar work with domestic abuse (he isn’t)”
      He served his time in anger management and has helped to raise domestic violence awareness and prevention through charity (not just through his actions in tabloids). It’s not the focus of his career, but he has made a point to do it whether through his own good will or just to help his image.

      “Team Breezy isn’t claiming that Chris Brown made a mistake and grew as a human being because of it”
      You’re making a sweeping generalization of hundreds of thousands of people. There are going to be ignorant viewpoint on each side of an argument (yes, I’m including yours in this), and you and others just happen to pick the worst ones to criticize. Anyone can do this, it’s called a strawman argument and as a ‘journalist’ you should know this doesn’t make your point look very good.

      “And that’s why Chris Brown should take a stand now and make a statement that what he did was wrong.”
      No, he shouldn’t. You know why? Because he already has. Many times. This happened three years ago and he has spent plenty of time serving his punishment and apologizing to the necessary people. He shouldn’t have to bring this up every time he makes a public appearance. He is trying to move on from the situation, as the only true victim, Rihanna, already has, and I’m pretty that means you should too.

      • Rosey

        I don’t think they heard you Henry! READ THEM DOWN!

      • denna

        i agree with your comment.. But im bored of hearing about it really its been three years they have moved on and are friends people and the media need to get over it Rihanna can talk to who ever and have whoever on her single. I hope it is Chris Brown mayb the world will see they have moved on, they are Friends..

    • Rosey

      You cannot be serious. Like there’s no way that someone can write an article so ridiculous and take themselves that seriously. Chris has never tried nor attempted to cover up anything he did that night. I’m trying to figure out where exactly you’re getting your facts from. And for you to say he NEEDS to drop a statement…this a parody site right? Full of trolling hags? Has to be. So every statement he made when it actually happened meant nothing? Every time he goes to perform he has to check in with yall first and say HEY I HIT RIHANNA. GONNA PERFORM! No, it doesn’t work that way. He doesn’t owe you anything. Not then, not now, not ever.

      As far as I see you’re a very upset and sad individual. You’re upset at the thought that Rihanna is moving on from this therefore the rest of the world is trying to follow suit and you can’t pout and fuss about Chris Brown anymore. :((( You’re mad because you’ve all of a sudden become a part of this cranky minority who doesn’t like Chris Brown and you expect the rest of the world to feel the same damn way. You are FURIOUS that Chris refuses to mention the Rihanna stuff anymore, which in angry blogger terms means that you have to figure out why he’s doing this and come to the conclusion that because he doesn’t mention it anymore or speak about it that he’s glorifying his actions. I suggest you take a nice hot seat and look back on your life and try to find some happiness from somewhere. Because your mother obviously didn’t hug you enough as a child.

      How dare you say he didn’t deserve his Grammy? How dare you say he shouldn’t have performed. How dare you get upset he drops F bombs–which in upset blogger terms means that he’s glorifying his actions again obviously. I love Rih to pieces, however she can drop the F bombs. The same leave me the fuck alones and it’s considered cute and edgy, and sassy and empowering.(newsflash–it’s the same damn thing. And it’s none of those things.) He’s only human. You can’t expect him to sit around for the rest of his life and continue to receive the harassment like it’s nothing. He has every right to be direct and comment back. I would say you should try to think about if people were lashing out at you, but they already did and what did YOU do? You wrote a whole article about how upset and disturbed you were. So you can respond and feel some type of way, but he can’t? Okay, touche. Just making sure I see the points you’re trying to make. And for those Grammy noms and the one he won, he worked hard for that. Regardless if you don’t like him or not, this is his career. He’s an artist, his goal is to win a grammy and inspire…which he did. You can’t HOLD anyone’s talents off because you’re mad. You can’t make people dislike him because you do. You cannot be upset because other people have accepted what happened, stopped dwelling on it, and moved the hell on. And he deserved to get back on that stage. You can’t blackball him for the rest of his life. If you don’t want to see Chris Brown on the Grammys…then it’s simple enough to turn off the damn TV. The world isn’t going to stop and obey because you and the Pissy committee don’t want to see him. Every time he does something great you have to denounce it with the past. You’re a Grade A person for that. Stand up Individual. Is that what want? Someone to pat you on the back for disliking Chris Brown? Bravo, you do it well.

      And as for the song, no one stopped to think maybe Rihanna asked him to be on it and he accepted, because it’s easier to put a song out together to demolish the awkwardness that everyone else creates for them than to continue to live in it. But considering Princess Rih hasn’t mentioned it anymore, it’s Chris’s fault because you’re mad he won that Grammy and is getting major congrats from his performances. I think I’m getting to the core here of what this article is about.

      Not only are you wrong about him not working with DV victims and shelters, you’re naive to think because his reps didn’t make a huge ordeal out his steps of progression and charity work that it didn’t happen. You are a sad sap.

      It’s alright though, you don’t have to like Chris Brown, because there are millions of people who actually do. So every time he walks, sneezes, or breathes the wrong way you can be the first person to make a huge post about it and snicker and laugh and consider yourself clever. Even when in reality you’re not (but, we’ll keep letting you believe otherwise) and you come off as an ignorant prick, a bitter bat, and an incompetent pressed flop of a person. And I’m so sick and tired of you bloggers and everyone in that small little I’m mad at Chris Brown 4lyfe minority trying to denounce what makes up his fan base. So you post the worst of the worst to try to call out the people who support him. FYI, those girls that you found…while sitting in a twitter search bar looking up “Chris Brown” and “Beat Me” instead of the positive things and encouraging things that were said to him…those girls you found are not Team Breezy. They’re not considered supporters. They’re damn near as ignorant as you. But wait, I think I see the silver lining here. You posted these girls and the ridiculous comments that only a few choice people made in here to hide the fact that YOU’RE TEAM BREEZY. Because only someone who loves Chris Brown to DEATH could come up with that much to say about him weekly! Damn near daily now. I’m going to continue to let you stan on here at Crushable. Because I see where you stand. :) I can’t wait for the next CB articles.

    • Clio

      I couldn’t disagree with this article more. I could elaborate but I think Henry already pointed out most of what I was going to say.

    • Larissa

      I’ve never posted a comment on a website ever before, because frankly I usually don’t really care enough. But this is simply absurd. I appreciate this article very much, and this website very much, for continuously drawing attention to the utter wrongness of this situation. You say they’re obsessed, that they’re clinging to negativity and hate? I say they’re drawing attention to a situation that needs attention. We should not move on and forget what happened, because it was not properly resolved, and it is NOT okay. Maybe the public should forgive Chris Brown…IF he ever asked for forgiveness. But he hasn’t taken responsibility for his actions! Instead, he acts as if HE is the victim, a martyr, under attack by a world that just doesn’t understand him. From his arrogant tweets to his public temper tantrums and violent outbursts, this is a man who is clearly violent and uncaring. Yes, he can sing. And dance. Really well. I’m not going to lie, he’s talented. But that’s not enough. Somebody who has violently beaten a person he claimed to love, who attacked, punched, bit, and threatened to kill a person not as strong as himself. This is an unstable man! And we’re setting a TERRIBLE example by allowing him to remain in a position of privilege and celebrity. So what, dancing skills are more important then compassion, rationality, and being a decent person? You think it was a ‘mistake’? Breaking a window is a mistake. Mercilessly and continuously using all your strength to damage a person is a choice. Read the police report. This was not a single push or slap. This was a continuous attack, complete with death threats. Abuse is not okay. And an abuser who publicly protests how unfair everyone is to him, and how he’s been so victimized doesn’t think he did anything wrong. And a psycho like that shouldn’t be celebrated… No matter how damn good he can dance.

    • bob

      People get over it he did it once not like he will do it again, move on coz she moved on herself.

    • TeamBreezy!!!

      just stop hating and let the things go on -.-’ if you think just another stupid team breezy member then yes actually you are right, but i was angry ’bout him for a long time to, but you have to think like that, there are a lot of people who beat down anotherone, but noone starts hating him, yes he made a mistake and he shouldn`t hit people, but he was sorry he even apologized but people like you don’t care about his good side, the only thing you see is what he did wronh´g. so shut the fuck up and just leave him allone -.-’