Where Is Chris Brown’s PR Team And Why Haven’t They Revoked His Twitter Privileges?

Shortly after proving his critics right by shouting “I’ve learned nothing and there’s nothing you haters can do about it” from the rooftops, Chris Brown has taken to twitter yet again to prove us haters in the media even right-er. “DEAR MEDIA,” he wrote yesterday in a tweet that’s since been deleted. “Ur plan is not working…I’m not going anywhere so get used to me. How long is this gonna take?”

I’m not going to bother engaging with the twisted logic that makes Brown a victim in his own mind; Jenni did an excellent job of that yesterday. Instead, I’m going to ask the more practical question of where the hell was Chris Brown’s PR team on this? Were they taking a lunch break? Because I’m pretty sure that if I were a member of that team, and I was going out to lunch, I would lock his mobile device in a secret cabinet somewhere until I got back. I know it can be hard to tell a celebrity what to do, but if you don’t think you’re up to that task, maybe don’t work in PR for dim, narcissistic celebrities?

And here’s another example of the Chris Brown PR team doing things poorly: Us Weekly published a story today alleging that Brown’s new pickup line is “Can I get your number? I promise I won’t beat you!” Charming. When reached for comment, Brown’s rep said, “I’d be surprised if Chris said something that stupid.” Another clear sign that they haven’t been paying attention to anything Brown has said or done for quite some time now.

(Via E! Online)

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    • Jenni Maier

      But seriously, where are they? If this is his public image WITH a PR team, I can’t imagine what it would be without. If they’re not censoring what he’s doing and blocking him from using his Twitter, then what are they being paid to do?

    • Dee

      I think people need to stop being hypocrites when it comes to Chris Brown. I’ve never seen the media so hard on anyone for ONE incident. R Kelly has sex with little girls, and he still won Grammies, and did collabos and got maybe a week’s worth of slack for it. Charlie Sheen is still getting laughs and roasts and everybody’s having a laugh when he beat his ex wife and is a clear chauvinist. There’s many more, but for some reason Chris Brown is getting more slack than any of these celebs have gotten. While Rhianna is singing songs about loving the pain and S&M…I think she’s over it…clearly! I honestly think someone is just out to get him. This is the one mistake that an artist has made that has never been received forgiveness…I don’t understand to be honest!

    • T

      I actually think its funny that magazines keep writing stories about Chris Brown without any facts… Even in this article, u state that another magazine said this and no one has tapes or pictures to prove it… Yet people react to these lies bcause there are no actual facts that have that stuff actually happens… Honestly, I think CB has a right to tell yall to f@ck off because most of the lies that come out about him can’t b proven and its only the media writing lies keeping the public emotional….

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