Wes Bentley Would’ve Loved To Keep His Much-Beloved Hunger Games Seneca Crane Beard

Seneca Crane beard your argument is invalidFor some reason, the Hunger Games fandom — or at least, the Hunger Games Fireside Chat podcast I speak on — has a couple of recurring jokes built around inanimate objects from the books/movie: There’s a Facebook page dedicated to Katniss’ orange backpack, and every podcast we manage to work in a reference to Seneca Crane’s elaborate beard.

MTV News (via HG Girl on Fire) sat down with Wes Bentley, who plays the head Gamemaker, to talk about the movie but mostly his now-iconic facial hair. I have to say, I never envisioned his character as young or sexy in the books, but thanks to the Seneca Crane beard, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth have some competition for fans’ affection.

Wes admitted that he wished he could’ve kept the look, “but that beard took two hours to groom every day. I don’t want to spend that much time in the bathroom. I always have a beard, but it doesn’t look like that.”

He credited makeup designer Ve Neill, who already had a vision planned for his first day on-set: ”I usually come to set with a beard and my hair as long as they can get it so there’s options. She was excited to see that I had a beard, because she had this idea… She went three hours trying to find the right shape.”

The Hunger Games comes out March 23, 2012, but if you want the chance to see Seneca Crane’s beardliness early, then enter our giveaway for two tickets to the premiere!

Photo: Tumblr

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