Glee Report Card: From The Heart

“I Will Always Love You”
Performed by Mercedes
Originally performed by Whitney Houston

What can I say about this? Yes, Amber Riley knocked it out, and if Whitney Houston hadn’t passed away last weekend — weirdly prescient, right? — I would probably give this an A. But just as with Jennifer Hudson‘s Grammys tribute, it’s always going to be lacking now that we’ll never hear the real thing again.

Also, enough with this overwrought Sam/Mercedes shit. She told Shane about them, which should mean they’d be free to be together; but instead she felt badly about cheating, and so she sang this goodbye song to Sam, who walked out.

Grade: A-

“You’re the Top”
Performed by Rachel and her gay dads
Originally performed by Cole Porter

This is blissfully short, and a waste of guest stars Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell—skip it and watch Neil Patrick Harris‘ duet with his partner David Burtka.

Grade: C

Performed by the God Squad
Originally performed by Madonna/The Association

This song kind of came and went; I would’ve liked either a more recognizable or more fun number for Santana to declare her love for Brittany. Or even to just skip this altogether and let them have non-musical moments like earlier in the episode, when Brittany makes Santana a playlist… but doesn’t know how to get it off her computer.

Grade: B-

“Love Shack”
Performed by Blaine and New Directions
Originally performed by The B52s

Fun, contemporary, with parts for each of them (Kurt singing the nasally guy was especially funny and outside of his usual repertoire). Everything a finale song should be.

Grade: B+

…Yeah, you should just skip this episode and watch Heath Ledger‘s serenade for Julia Stiles from 10 Things I Hate About You.

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