Chris Brown’s Angry Tweet About His Critics Just Proves Everything His Critics Say


On Monday morning I wrote an essay on how Chris Brown’s Grammy “comeback” makes me sick. While I highlighted his actual abusive behavior, I didn’t touch on his complete lack of repentance toward beating up Rihanna. While Team Breezy tries to convince themselves that he’s “served his time” and deserved his two Grammys performances, his tweet yesterday about his Grammy win just proved that he absolutely does not.  It proves that he’s learned absolutely nothing during his time in Grammys exile.

With the exception of his court-ordered requirements, Chris Brown has never shown one ounce of sympathy toward Rihanna nor has he shown an ounce of understanding as to why the public might possibly be upset with him. His Grammy winning album is called F.A.M.E and it stands for forgiving all my enemies. As if people who criticize him for beating up his girlfriend are enemies, as if they need his forgiveness.  As if he truly cannot comprehend that what he did was wrong. I’ve never seen someone turn a situation around so fast and make himself a victim.

After he performed at the Grammys on Sunday, several people (including celebrities) spoke out against the fact that he was allowed on the  stage twice and that he was allowed to leave the Grammys as a winner. His mature response? This tweet:

While I’m not surprised that he responded this way, I am surprised he cannot see the connection between his behavior and his critics’ accusations against him. That he cannot follow their line of logic and see anything from their perspective. And I hate to use the word perspective, because perspective implies there are two sides to this situation and there aren’t. There’s one side — and it’s that beating up your girlfriend is wrong.

So let’s clear something up Team Breezy. We, speaking for all of civilized America, don’t hate Chris Brown for what he did to Rihanna. Yes that was all kinds of wrong. But had he showed any remorse (once again, besides fulfilling court-mandated requirements ), had he apologized to the public for being a bad role model, had he donated any money to a women’s shelter or spoke to young men about domestic abuse, I think we would be a little more forgiving.

Would he deserve an invitation back to the Grammys? Hell no. Sometimes in life we make “mistakes” that we cannot bounce back from. Sometimes we have to accept the fact that one choice, one in-the-moment decision can change the rest of our lives. And we have the choice to grow from that moment, the choice to redirect the course of our lives and make a difference. An opportunity to show other people how their choices could affect their lives and how not to make the same mistake.

Maybe if he had choosen this route, this path to redemption, we wouldn’t be so angry now.  If Chris Brown had done anything besides wait on the sidelines for his return to fame, it would be a different story.

But please, Team Breezy, explain to me again how he’s a stand-up guy. A guy who made a mistake, a guy who got stuck in a “controversy.” Show me one example where he shows that he’s sorry for what he’s done. Let me see one tweet where he acknowledges that he did something wrong. Because, once again, he did. He did something very wrong. He beat up his girlfriend. There’s no other way to put it.

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    • Sam

      Absolute rubbish…in no way does Chris Brown responding prove anyone right. He had a right to be at the Grammy’s and to walk away with an award he won based on his work. His appearance and performance had nothing to do with his past and everything to do with his craft and that’s where it should have been left. The Grammy’s got it right if we judge all artists on their personal lives and not just Chris Brown then we would probably have no one performing let alone receiving awards.

      • geist

        There are some thing in one’s personal life which weigh heavier then others. Giving the message that it’s no big deal to abuse a women is unacceptable.

      • Sam

        @Geist I’m sorry but how does Chris Brown’s appearance at the Grammy’s in any way send the message that abusing anyone is no big deal? Is it a big deal to shoot or stab someone, does that weigh heavy in a person’s personal life? If the answer is yes then I’m sure that you would find Jayz presence at the Grammy’s highly offensive since he pled guilty to stabbing a record exec back before he became bff’s with Oprah. So in light of that please tell me what is your real issue with Chris Brown’s appearance at the Grammy’s…I’ll wait

      • Kym

        You just. Don’t. Get it.

        Trying to justify this behavior by reasoning “so what if he beat a woman? This other celebrity stabbed a guy!” THEY’RE BOTH REPREHENSIBLE, IDIOT, ONE BEING WORSE DOESN’T MAKE THE OTHER ONE BETTER!

        YES, half of these spoiled brat/punk bitch celebrities don’t deserve what they’ve been GIVEN, Chris Brown included!

    • Antonia

      Jenni Chris Brown’s hand has been slapped so many times when he has tried to do the right thing I don’t blame him for saying eff it. When Chris tried to hold a benefit concert in his home state of VA for Haiti relief all interviewers wanted to talk about was his life and not the fact that he was doing something postivite to help someone else. Chris has a foundation, Symphonic Love, that promotes both musical and artistic development in children, he also partners with BEST BUDDIES and has attended numerous events in support of the BB program. Not to mention he has participated in countless celebrity basketball charity events over the years. All that being said if Chris did any of the things you mentioned his motives would have been scrutinized and criticized just like they are today three years later. It’s this simple Chris Brown cannot win with some of you and I think if he has made peace with himself, Rihanna and God then he is correct the rest of you can simply eff off.

      • geist

        But has does any of that address his anger issues, which he does have? The point is, he hasn’t taken responsibility, he’s just pretended it didn’t happen.

      • Sam

        I’m sorry but Chris Brown admitted his guilt in a court of law and received punishment for his crime. The only responsibility he has to fulfill the requirements of punishment which he seems to be doing fully and in doing so has received several accolades from the judge overseeing his case. When did he pretend it didn’t happen? When he looked at his life and decided there was nothing he could do about the mistakes he made in the past but instead decided to focus on the present and the future…is that what you mean?

    • NikkiLynn

      I agree with this article COMPLETELY. My sister was brutally murdered by a “boyfriend” who flew off the handle, just like Chris did. I dont see ANY form of redemption coming from Chris. Its sickening and im angry w/ the industry for even welcoming his ass back into the spotlight! Is he talented? Undouptedly! But it doesnt excuse what he did, just bcuz hes capable of making ppl money!!!

      • Lavern Merriweather

        Then why not attack WHITE MALES who hit women you racist asswipe?!! There are white male celebrities who are THUGS and nobody attacks them or keeps harping endlessly about THIER bad behvior so suck it bitch!

      • Jenni

        I think you meant their.

    • PacoBell

      @Sam His craft is equally offensive:

      “You fagots scared ’cause I’m too wild, been here for a while
      I was like fuck trial
      I puts it down
      I’m so young money, if you got eyes, look at me now, bitch”

      He’s not remorseful in the slightest! Said so in his lyrics. I don’t buy his crocodile tears for a second. The arrogant SOB doesn’t deserve any sympathy from a rational, law-abiding public. The fact that he didn’t get at least 5 in the slammer is a miscarriage of justice.

      • Sam

        Before you quote song lyrics make sure they are Chris Brown’s, those are actually from Lil Wayne’s contribution to Chris’ song…hence the reference to Young Money dumba. Thank you for proving that you have no idea who Chris Brown is you like so many other “sheep” are just trying to ride the bandwagon. Oh and Chris Brown didn’t get jail time because 1. as bad as Rihanna’s injuries were they were not life threatening and 2. he had no prior record. Here’s something you can do instead of looking up lyrics to Chris Brown songs to try and prove a point ask yourself this, why am I really so mad? once you find the answer go F*ck OFF because ur opinion of Chris Brown is irrelevant. no one is losing sleep over it!!!

    • Sandra

      Jenni, I have a question for you? Where is your Glen Campbell should NOT be performing at the Grammy’s article? I know YOU know that this man beat up Tanya Tucker and knocked out her front teeth. If I missed it, please post the links, otherwise please explain why you did NOT blog about Glen Campbell performing? I’m WAITING and WATCHING!!!

      • Jade

        I don’t dislike Brown exclusively because he’s a woman-bashing douche, or because he was obviously tweaked when he appeared on GMA last fall and trashed his dressing room, or because of his punk-ass attitude. I dislike him because his music is derivative, unoriginal and ghetto, and since he constantly relies on auto-tuners, I wonder if he can even sing. But strung out fans from the hood will continue to love him because of his style and thuggish attitude, even if he is a poser. In America, image is everything, even if one has no talent. Just look at Kim Kardash. The Grammy’s are a joke anyway.

    • Squid

      Yes, hitting a woman is WRONG. Sam definitely has it right though.

      If we should start judging people on their personal lives well, CHEATING on spouses is wrong. So perhaps we shouldnt allow cheaters on stage either?

      To be honest, your whinging about celebrities becoming good role models, how about being a good parent? That’s where to start, rather than relying on the media/celebrities to teach your children what is right/wrong.

      Shall we also talk about TWO excellent female role models while we are at it? Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse? Let’s tell our kids its okay to abuse your bodies with drugs and give these people the media attention they deserve when half of the things they did were brought on by themselves!

      Your telling me a man/woman who has come out rehab and strongly wants to change their life, doesnt deserve a second chance?

      We are all human, we make mistakes. Who are we to judge?

      • Guest

        When you fuck up,you fuck up,and I will judge harshly anyone who has fucked up
        I dont care about role models for the kids,but we definitely shouldnt reward people for being trash.
        Ive never hit a woman or cheated on someone,I can judge all I want.
        Im also poor as shit,I deserve the easy life more than this dickbag.
        Forgiveness is for pussies.

    • Hunter

      Complete ridiculous piece of journalism and such a bias article. The way that this has been written is actually disgusting. Of course nobody condones his violent behaviour and everyone understands the seriousness off the what happened. But surely now it should only be up to Rihanna whether she wants remind people of his actions on the back of his success.

      He’s bounced back and won fans over and he’s been better than ever before. Credit has to be given where it’s due.

      • art

        in the old days, he’d be banned forever, and rightly so.he’s a low life .anybody who hits a woman deserves no pity and should be banished from show business.who cares if can shake his legs and and pretends he can sing.i think he’s an uncaring, unsympathetic, ruthless animal. if he did that to my daughter, he’d suffer serious consequences.i would have no mercy.when i got finished, he’d be lucky to make it to the hospital alive.hurt my little girl?it would be over!!!!!!! i hope he dies.i really do.i’d do it if i could get away with it.

      • BrooklynLass

        Credit should be given for what? Beating the hell out of woman with his fists, leaving her blooded and battered?

        After all, it’s been 3 years so since there has been the passage of time, abuse then becomes acceptable. Really?

        It is sad that today, that even with the most unimaginable of crimes many will accept with a “it was just a mistake”, and “it’s been 3 years so it really doesn’t matter” if I (a) beat the hell out of a woman; (b) rape a woman; (c) murder a woman, or fill in the blank here “________” for all sins that you feel are forgivable after (another blank here) for “_______” years of time.

        Hope if you are ever so unlucky to have the hell beaten out of you, you can still say, well, it’s been 3 years, so “it’s alright”. And that’s even if it’s not some rich, rapper who uses many of their fans to make excuses for them. Wonder how people would feel if it was just some guy from around the block that went around beating women who weren’t famous and wouldn’t gotten the attention and support Rihanna did.

        Luck was on Chris’ side that many of those that excuse his unexcusable behavior, did so because of who he was.

    • Max

      Here’s where i take exception.
      Now I know the general consensus out there is that what happened between Brown / Rihanna somehow falls under abuse.

      But anyone who grew up in the hood more or less understand that his was a fight. Shocker, I know. Especially for the high minded feminized intellectual types who like to pretend like that things like this (fights between men and women? Women not being afraid to fight men) don’t happen in civilized society. Just watch the now infamous episode of MTV’s Teen Mom ( depicting how un-afraid young women are to fight a man.

      Need more? Then heed over to youtube and search for “teen mom fight”. Still need more? Then head over to, and search for “girl fight” or just stay on youtube and preform the same search.

      And typical to any fight, one person generally gets beat up.

      By labeling what happened to Rihanna as “abuse” it diminishes what actual abuse is and belittles the millions of people suffering from abuse everyday. Words having meaning. And it is important to use them properly in the correct context. hyperbolic rhetoric and vitriolic language may be sensational enough to sell papers and increase your click on rate, but it does have a negative affect of re-labeling – redefining what things.

      That doesn’t justify, in no way, what happened between Brown and Rihanna.

      Here’s where I also take exception:
      What someone personally feels is none of my business regardless if they’re a celebrity.

      Chris Brown is a entertainer. His job is to entertain. While preforming his job, he is in no way required to tell anyone how he personally feels about anything. The same is true for me. While at my job I am in no way required to let mt personal issues affect the preforming of my duties.

      After the assault in 2009 I’m sure corporate media expected him to behave pacified, emasculated – a shell of what he once was keeping his head low. But he didn’t. He’s cocky and arrogant and doesn’t appear to be publicly remorseful for his actions, made no public apology or donated money to any women’s shelter, more or less going way against the traditional narrative a celebrity is suppose to follow when in trouble.

      But who cares. What happened in 2009 was a private incident made public. Regardless if they’re celebrities it’s no ones business how either one of them feel personally about the assault.

      • BrooklynLass

        For your long explanation of basically why it was OK for Chris Brown to beat the hell out of Rihanna and it was alright, and all should be forgiven or even NOT forgiven, I have one question for you.

        If you were a woman, would you get in a car with a drunk and angry Chris Brown with just you and his fists?

        Regrettably, I have a feeling that your answer would be “yes”.

    • FiestaFrog

      This guy is crazy. He really is a monster. The official police report and many more pictures came out today. Check this out!

    • getalife

      you guys really need a life he is an entertainer ok look the word up that’s all he owes anyone so in my chris brown voice FUCK OFF DOUBLE PENETRATION JUST THE WAY YOU LIKE IT

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    • amiwright

      This article is some bull shiggity….He did not get the award for his behavior he got the award for his talent. You dont’ have to forgive him; it’s not up to you. Go suck on an apple. Get over it.

    • Kelsey

      I do understand where you are coming from, but people need to get over it! The incident happened in the past, even Rihanna has forgiven him. It doesn’t concern you or affect you in any way what so ever. What about Charlie Sheen? He did the same thing, maybe even worse than what Chris did, I don’t see anyone treating him like you’re treating Chris Brown? I just think that you are a sad individual that needs to move on with your life. This just goes to show that you are only judged by the bad decisions you make. I don’t think anyone would like to be banned from places and treated like shit because they made a mistake. He was wrong, I do not deny the fact that what he did was horrible. But it’s been 3 years! Get over it.

      • Lady Jo

        @ Kelsey, In ignoring his actions without the proper cycle of recognition then redemption put in place, he’ll never learn anything about what can be lost and must be hard-won-back and neither would we learn the same lesson as a society.