Video: Firefly Fan Mispronounces Alan Tudyk’s Name, Castmates Come To His Defense

So about half of the cast of Firefly was at the Sci-Fi Expo in Dallas over the weekend: Jewel Staite (Kaylee), Sean Maher (Simon), Adam Baldwin (Jayne), and Ron Glass (Shepherd Book). It’s fun to see the cast still meet up at events to reminisce on the fun of shooting Joss Whedon‘s quirky, smart space opera… and it’s also funny to get moments like this.

An eager fan — “it’s like meeting my heroes,” he stuttered at the mic, which is more than most of us can manage when we get up there — accidentally mispronounced star Alan Tudyk‘s name. The actors would probably have let it go if the guy hadn’t made it sound like “Turd Dick”; of course Adam had to come to Alan’s defense.

To be fair, Firefly was a thing before YouTube and Twitter, before our increasingly-obsessive coverage of shows and huge fandoms linked by Tumblr and trending topics. It’s not as if there were loads of interviews where people would pronounce Alan Tudyk’s last name correctly. Still, “Turk Dick” is a bit of a stretch even for the more aurally disinclined.

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