Is Your Ideal Guy From The Hunger Games Or Doctor Who? Find Out Who Your Fandom Crush Is Valentine's Day Crush CardRight after Christmas, several of my friends from the Hunger Games Fireside Chat podcast launched, a hub for fans of all stripes to converge and talk about their favorite books, movies, and TV shows. (You’ll notice that the logo, at left, is comprised of one letter from each series’ famous titles.)

When the site launched, you could answer an exhaustive quiz that placed you within each fandom: It tells you which Hogwarts house, Panem district, and supernatural species you belong in depending on the series. Now, in honor of Valentine’s Day, you can take another quiz to get your Fandom Crush Card.

During Fantasy Crush Week, we’ve shared plenty of stories about celebrity crushes, but we can’t deny that we’ve also crushed on book and movie characters. Admit it—even before Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth were cast in The Hunger Games, you were trying to decide between Peeta and Gale. The Fandom Crush Card shows you your best match based on questions about your first date, who your ideal guy hangs out with, etc.; but it also reveals which character has a crush on you, as well as your worst match. (In case you’re into the love-hate kind of thing.)

As you can see, I lucked out with two Hunger Games gentlemen: Sweet baker’s son Peeta and the handsome, charismatic Finnick Odair from the second book, Catching Fire. My worst match, by contrast, is the sadistic Eric from the Divergent series. (Having just finished the first book I can say that yes, Eric and I would not be a good match at all.)

Make sure to browse through to meet fellow fans of Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, and more; the forums are especially fun! You know that this place is legit because it’s run by bonafide fans: Adam Spunberg from the Fireside Chat and Kait Silva from Hunger Games fan site Victors Village came up with the idea; Sam Cushion, who writes incredible Hunger Games-inspired music, designed the site; and Natasha Baucas is responsible for all the pretty visuals.

I also really like their promo video (by’s videographer Paris Ormerod):

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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