Emma Watson Will Hook Up With A Beast…Because She’s Cast In Beauty And The Beast

Where there’s a movie with a leading lady, there’s Emma Watson. Or it so it seems these days as our favorite female wizard gets further and further from Hogwarts by taking on more and more film projects. Today’s project du jour? Beauty, a new version of Beauty and the Beast, directed by Guillermo de Toro.

While Emma’s been attached to the project since the summer, Guillermo’s now jumping on board – guaranteeing this film will be getting tons of buzz. Not that any retelling of the popular fairy-tale-turned-Disney-film needs much buzz around it to get attention from America. Based on the fact that I paid money to see the latest 3D version of Beauty and the Beast in theaters just goes to show that people will see anything if you can attach nostalgia and 3D glasses to it.

Just combining that with the fact that Emma Watson’s breaking out as one of Hollywood’s newest leading ladies and you have movie potential gold. It’s the equivalent of  putting Taylor Lautner in a docudrama about werewolf abs right after the Twilight franchise ends. How could that be anything but a hit sensation?

Although there aren’t any casting details yet, I’m going to jump the gun, grab onto my old pal Lumiere and assume that Emma will be playing Belle. Unless she really decides to break out of character and goes for the role of the motherly dresser. It would be a brave choice and certainly a bold one that Hollywood wouldn’t see coming.

Then again I assume that since this is a live action film, all the furniture and accessories will be inanimate. The only crazy thing will, as always, be crazy ‘ole Maurice. Oh and the Beast. The fact that a beast lives in an enchanted castle right outside the borders of a provincial town is also a little bit crazy.

Now picture this exact scene, but starring Emma Watson instead. What do you think?

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