10 Professionals On What Pisses Them Off About Their Representations In Movies/TV

nurse Grey's Anatomy Reddit jobs portrayed wrong on TV movies

Last week, I came across this hilarious thread in Reddit‘s Ask Reddit subforum, from a nurse who finds medical shows set her teeth on edge when the on-air “doctors” defibrillate patients wrong. She asked other Redditors what movie and TV cliches most annoy them; there are currently over 1100 comments from bankers, musicians, engineers, and more. I suggest you read the whole thread for all of the great side discussions mocking these shows and movies, but in the meantime here’s our gallery featuring the most interesting insights from unexpected authorities.

Not all of these commenters are professionals in their fields; really, only the ones who identify themselves as such are. All the same, they bring up logic issues that run rampant on television, so it’s worth listening to what they have to say.

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    • Jenn

      Can I add one? The show Eureka seems to be the worst I’ve seen to date, but there’s this idea that “scientists” are experts on everything remotely related to “science,” like that’s one field. I’m sorry, but one person would not have expert-level experience in all the things a single character would take on in some of the various episodes.

    • Lolo

      I’m a professional musician and Glee is absolutely fine for the representation of playing musical instruments. In fact, those are actual musicians and Cory Monteith plays drums (though not well).

      Guess it goes to show percussionists really don’t know anything about music.