The Hilariously Bad Lockout Should Have Just Been Called ‘Space Jail

You guys, there’s an amazing movie coming out on April 20th (the date will make sense very soon), and the trailer’s already been out for a few weeks! I don’t know how this flew under our radar, but we’re so excited to have found it: Lockout, a high-octane thriller about Earth’s most impenetrable jail housing the world’s most dangerous inmates… and it’s in space.

That’s right—somehow the producers decided not to call this project Space Jail! Hollywood never fails to astound me: You have a trailer that looks like a thoughtful, exhilarating, funny piece of work like The Amazing Spider-Man… and then you have Lockout, which seems to rip off Die Hard, Apollo 13, and Hugh Jackman.

That’s not to say it’s not gonna be amazing! This looks like the perfect movie to see with a bunch of friends (maybe drunk) and laugh aloud at all the bad puns and Guy Pearce playing a heavily muscled badass. There are already some incredible lines from the trailer:

“It’s impenetrable because… it’s not on Earth.”

“He’s the best there is… but he’s a loose cannon.”

“I go into space, I get inside the maximum-security nuthouse, get past all the psychos, save the President’s daughter if she’s not dead already… I’m thrilled you’d think of me.”

“I’m bringing you back from the dead.”

“It’s falling out of the sky.”

“A simple thank-you is enough.”

What, no “Attica, Attica”? Yeah, we cannot wait to see this movie.

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