Why Is Everyone Sucking Up To Kate Beckinsale This Year?

LL Cool J sucked up to Kate Beckinsale at the Grammys 2012Last night’s Grammys had a random guest in actress Kate Beckinsale, who appeared alongside host LL Cool J to announce Katy Perry‘s new song “Part of Me.” If her presence weren’t odd enough, LL Cool J was falling all over himself to compliment Kate’s looks on-screen and off.

Introducing Kate as a sexy and cool actress, LL Cool J gushed, “She was in all the movies I saw this year.” We consulted IMDb and discovered that since 2009 she’s had only two recent projects, Contraband and Underworld: Awakening. So, LL Cool J has just admitted that he’s only seen two movies since the new year.

And it’s not just him: We had the same rigamarole with Seth Rogen at the Golden Globes, when he joked, “Hello, I’m Seth Rogen, and I’m currently trying to conceal a massive erection.” Kate looked the same: Strapless white dress, updo, and wry embarrassment at the slightly-inappropriate compliment. Sure, she’s lovely, but why have there been two instances of really public Beckinsale lovin’ in the span of a month?

I racked my brain to think of why her publicist is booking Kate appearances at events as random as the Grammys, and all I can come up with is that Kate is starring in the Total Recall remake. She’s playing Douglas Quaid’s (Colin Farrell) wife Lori, the role that belonged to Sharon Stone in the 1990 original.

The remake has an August 3rd release date, so maybe her reps want to keep her in the public eye in the intervening half-year? Perhaps the next place she’ll show up — because three instances make for a bonafide trend — is the Razzies on April Fool’s Day.

That, or Hollywood just has a massive, communal crush on Kate. After all, it is Fantasy Crush Week.

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    • Joe

      The better question is why the hell do you care? This entire article reeks of jealousy, probably over the fact that Kate Beckinsale is infinitely hotter, sexier, more talented, and more famous than you are. Richer and more intelligent to boot.

      She has three films releasing this year, and she’s had two really succesful film still in theaters that both debuted at #1. Plus she has Total Recall left, and two more films to shoot after that.

      As for her appearance at the Grammys, she was asked to present. Publicists don’t book shit like this. She was asked by the group that puts on the show to present. There were many non-music industry folks and other actresses there. I don’t see you attacking them and their appearance. Hell, Kelly Osbourne shows up on every red carpet and she does absolutely nothing.

      So do everyone a favor and shut up. While you’re at it, take your hatred and jealousy of Kate Beckinsale and stick it up your whiny little butt.

      • Josh

        Well said sir.

      • sour_sadie

        Obvious butthurt at someone not gushing over someone you find to be hot is obvious. So because the author is a woman and writes an article noticing this praise Kate’s gotten as of late, she’s automatically jealous? If you actually read the article before making a false accusation like yours, then you’d see that she wasn’t trashing Kate’s looks. She acknowledged the fact that Kate is a beautiful woman. So maybe you should take your sexism and shove it.

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    • Poly_fan

      The reason why she’s being fawned over by guys is because she is absolutely stunning. It seams like this author is jealous.

    • amber

      Hear hear Joe.You could have picked on Taraji P Henson,who was also an actress who was at the Grammys this year.And yet!you didn’t.Weird.

    • Everest

      This is your least informative article in quite some time now. Normally I would have gone with jealousy and even hatred, but I won’t. Instead I’ll just blame it on your lack of intelligence and, maybe, a slow news week.

      To answer your question: She is so unbelievably gorgeous all of us straight men hate ourselves for existing as someone other than her husband.

    • Alex

      The most delectable female human in existence . . .