Chris Brown’s Grammy ‘Comeback’ Makes Me Sick

When I heard Chris Brown received an invitation and an olive branch to perform at the Grammys this year, I was disgusted. Then when I actually saw the Grammys last night  and the fact he was one of only two people to have two stage performance and the fact he won a Grammy, I wanted to punch a hole through my wall. But I didn’t, because unlike Chris Brown I have control over my actions and take responsibility for the consequences. Unlike Chris Brown, I’ve never punched anything, let alone a person.

But please let’s take a moment to remember that Chris Brown did punch a person, repeatedly in the face. That he beat someone up to the point that she looked like this. I know, I know, you want to scroll down the page and avoid seeing that horrific photo of Rihanna’s face. But don’t. Because that’s what he did and everyone seems to have forgotten that in the past three years. Chris Brown’s hands did that to Rihanna’s face. In case you don’t remember just how bad it was, this is from the TMZ article published shortly after the 2009 assault:

“…the photos show major contusions on both sides of the singer’s face — there is serious swelling and bruising. Her lip is split and her nose bloody. We have now confirmed there are bite marks on one of her arms and on several fingers. And we now know this… Rihanna claims Brown struck her with his fists and that’s what did the damage.”

It was not a simple mistake, it was not an accident, it was most certainly not an event that anyone, let alone someone in the spotlight and someone who’s a role model to young people in the country, should be able to bounce back from. Over the past three years, we’ve softened the language toward Chris Brown and we’ve let his rabid fans dictate the story of his exile and his long-awaited redemption. We’ve let them redefine what he did as a silly little thing that everyone blew out of proportion. Just look at  the tweets from his  fans last night, they included included gems like this:

We’ve let ourselves pretend that he made a boo-boo and paid for it dearly That he tapped her on the face and then  immediately repented. That he’s truly sorry for his itsy-bitsy mistake and that the least we can do is let him perform at the Grammys. [tagbox tag= "Chris Brown"]

But no more. Chris Brown beat Rihanna up to the point that police described her injuries as horrific. His career should have been over in that moment. His fans, especially his female fans, should have turned their backs on him for using his hands against a woman. The music industry should have linked arms and made a clear declaration that Chris Brown was no longer welcome. That his “mistake” was unacceptable and unforgivable, that violence against women is more important than record sales and that he’s never, under any circumstance or any probation fulfillment, ever welcome back.

Instead they waited until enough time had passed, until the Chris Brown and Rihanna reunification rumors seemed true enough, until the public forgot why exactly we hated Chris Brown so much. They waited until the point that the Grammy executive producer Ken Ehrlich could say something like this and get little to no reaction from the media:

“Explaining the decision to allow Brown back on the show, Ehrlich told ABC News Radio, “I think people deserve a second chance, you know. If you’ll note, he has not been on the Grammys for the past few years and it may have taken us a while to kind of get over the fact that we were the victim of what happened.’”

Yes, once all this happened, they invited him back and gave him TWO stage performances. Two opportunities to show off his talent and earn praise and compliments. And then, to add insult to injury they awarded him the Grammy for best R&B album.

Before the show started, I hadn’t planned on even addressing this. I’ve read so many well-written essays over the past few years that summed up my feelings on Chris Brown, his behavior and his lack of remorse more succinctly than I could. But then I saw what happened at the Grammys last night. I saw that people in the audience cheered for him, that he was welcomed back to the show like a war veteran and not like a domestic abuser and I knew I had to write something. I knew I had to say something about the message the Grammys sent last night.

I don’t care how talented Chris Brown may be. I don’t care if he’s the second coming of Michael Jackson. He beat up Rihanna. He didn’t poke her, he didn’t pull her hair while she was driving, he didn’t call her a bad name. He used his fists and pummeled them into her face. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t earn you a glorious “comeback” performance at the Grammys. That earns you a permanent spot on  the blacklist, it earns you the silent treatment from the music industry and frankly, it earns you a spot in hell.

I wish nothing but the worst for Chris Brown. May 2012 be the year that karma finally catches up with him.

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    • cupcake

      I really think the author of this article need to find something else to do with her time. This article is childish and hateful. The simple fact is Chris Brown hit Rihanna and she has gotten over it so why can’t you? give it a rest.

    • jeannie

      Another example of a criminal getting by because he is an entertainer and makes other people money.Example: Kobe Bryant- Rapes a young girl, pays her off after threatening to smear her all over the news, buys his wife a 4 million dollar diamond and “people” forgive him because he is a basketball player. Michael Vick- brutally kills dogs, spends a little time in jail, because after all it’s just dogs, does community service telling rich kids at private schools to not be a dog fight owner, then signs a multi-million dollar contract because he plays football. Now Chris Brown- beats his girlfriend, we see the pictures, goes to anger management school, parole, after a couple of years he is welcomed back by the entertainment industry like he did nothing….not one of those people deserve our admiration or a penny of our money…think about it.

      • benson

        you heart is full of evil and hate. you and the writer of this evil hateful article. I got a feeling that u are poor struggling and a hood rat that somewhere deep down wish u were doing it big. i dont support what chris brown did but rihanna has obviously forgiven him. now if thats the case, u and other evil hearted haters should shut up and go to hell.

    • Roll Dog

      Give the guy a second chance.

      Rihanna forgave him. Why can’t Miranda Lambert, other celebrities, and everyone else do the same?

    • tonya

      people need to get a life these people are not role models they just have lots of money from fools like us that focuas on there lives when we dont know them instead of teaching are kids how to live life and being there for are own doctors lawyers nurses police fire fighters should be role models not entertainers that get paid to much money for what they do the world is really messed up we need to take a good look at the minds of the fans people who puts these people on petals and make them no human or something

    • Leslie

      sad that the writer of this article is so full of hate and unforgiveness. Chris Brown made a mistake – he has apologized and is trying to move forward. Leave that shit in the past and quit worrying about how or why Rihanna could ever forgive him. Leave that shit in the past and quit judging him!

    • Tracie-Lee

      It’s disgusting and disappointing to me how [as a society] we all can preach about forgiveness but so evident is Chris Brown’s case that so many of us are unwilling to practice it. I will in no way accept what Mr. Brown has done to Miss Fenty –no man should ever put his hand on a woman no matter what she has done (and vise versa). However, Mr. Brown has taken the proper steps to rehabilitate since the incident. How do we expect him to grow if every time he springs a branch we take an ax and chop it down? We see him everywhere because he is an entertainer and unfortunately because of his profession it looks as though domestic violence is being glamorized and in some cases it looks as though he is being rewarded. The first thing that I hear in many comments is “What if it was your daughter he beat down?” Well, what if it was your son that committed that act of violence…what advice would you give him? Please help me to understand what he is supposed to do with the rest of his life……should he dig a grave in the middle of the dessert and commit suicide in it? He is a young man [emphasis on the word young] and will still have so many mistakes to make. If he wasn’t a celebrity no one but his family and friend would give a damn about what he is doing with his future however because he has this platform we are all responsible for helping him to grow….instead of pelting insults at him how about trying some worlds of encouragement or even a prayer. AS Christians we sure have ways of showing it don’t we? Before you go to bed tonight or before you go to work tomorrow morning pick up your bible turn to John 8:7 and give yourself a quick reminder…..Let he without sin cast the first stone. Encouragement is much stronger than any insult we can throw at people behind a computer screen try it……………………………. the smell of its fragrance is so intoxicating.

    • KiKi

      The fact that the world preaches on love and forgiveness, and people go around posting stuff like this on the internet, makes me sick. If you made a mistake, would you appreciate it if someone brought it up again if something good happened to you? Would you like to be constantly reminded of your mistakes? Don’t think so. I am in no way a supporter of what he did to her, but he apologized, to her and publicly, and she forgave him. GIVE IT A REST PEOPLE. Should chris brown’s music suffer now because of what he did three years ago?

      • wanda

        People are speaking the truth there now. Leave him alone now 3 years have passed.Now you have all these people speaking out, come on now.No matter what he does people have a problem with it.Before Rihanna you never heard anything negative about him, and since then you have not heard a woman say chris put this hands on them.He was 19 years old give him the chance too grow and learn. I guess thats hard to do with people holding on so tight to the past.

    • Marilyn

      While I don’t agree with what he did. If they can put it behind them. Why shouldn’t everyone else. According to the law he is paying his dues. Just like she is someones child. So is he. Does he not deserve a second chance? So the people out there are trying to tell us. If this was your son. You wouldn’t feel that he should be given a second chance? I don’t think that is the way anyone really feels. We all have made mistakes or have someone in our family that has. And if you really feel this way. Go throw your own family under the bus. Leave them both alone. Only God, him and her know what really happpened. And that dosen’t even matter. He made a mistake he shouldn’t have put his hands on her. Let go and let God.

      • ftyvhjkknj

        If he did it once, he’s going to do it again…so why give him a second chance at something he doesnt deserve…

    • Rachael

      #TeamBreezy I’ve never bought a Chris Brown album but I think I might by the one that earned him these awards. Some of you people especially the author need to think about how they would feel if someone followed them around for the next three years reminding them of that time when….. Take the self-righteous judgemental stick outta ya ear and get over it. Oh and did you notice? Rhianna is fighting over Chris with his current girlfriend. Yeah, she’s REALLY a victim. Never met a domestic violence VICTIM who attacks her abusers current flame. LOL You people don’t even have a clue.

    • pk1128

      You know, I really don’t endorse what he did, but with all the hype and focus on him, the issue is not being addressed… poor impulse control is not unique to him. Plus while you all are harping on hm Rhianna seems to have reconciled herself with all that and went back. So stop trying to remind us… remind her!

    • f-u

      excuse me did you get beat up by chris brown? no, i didn’t think so. so maybe you should do something else with your time instead of worrying about something that happened 4 f-ing years ago.

      • angelina

        i agree u should forgive and forget i mean who can stay mad at him 4 long he is sexy, and talented. yes i know wat he did was wrong but some people hav moved on and wat ever happens in the past should stay in the past. look at rihanna and chris now do u think they tlk ’bout it every f-ing minute i dnt think so. i know some people think he shouldn’t be forgiven 4 wat he did but dat was his first mistake and its true evry bdy deserves a second chance if he had killed her dats a different story jus imagine if it was u. forgive and forget is wat they say and thats wat u should do

      • chrisbrownlover

        thats what i always say
        pepole make mistakes
        it happened 4 year ago,
        you pepole should find something better to do than to talk about the same all the time
        it gets kinda boring too read about the same stuff over and over again.
        and some of you havent got anything positive too say about him,
        ”forget about the past and start forgiving”

        teambreezy in tha hous

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    • kiana johnson

      i feel bad for rhianna gettin beat up by chris brown

    • Han

      Just cos hes ‘sexy&talented’ doesn’t mean he should get special treatment, he bit&punched her repeatedly, if any other man done that they would go to prison for years not coumunity service which apparentley now he didnt even do! Yes it was 4 years a go but most men would be in prison now if they done that. Its disgusting.

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