• Sun, Feb 12 2012

Last Night On SNL Zooey Deschanel Proved She Can Make Fun Of Herself

SNL let Zooey Deschanel really be herself last night. She wore vintage dresses and sang a funny love song on the ukulele. She did sketches about eras past. And she also proved she isn’t afraid of making fun of herself by performing in a sketch depicting a new show where Zooey teaches you how to be just as quirky as she is (complete with Zooey’s inexplicable random animal noises). Here is Bein’ Quirky With Zooey Deschanel and a few of the night’s other top sketches.

No one really knows what all the abbreviations they rattle off on cell commercials mean; when a commercial becomes more like a word problem then a sales pitch, it’s time to pick a product based on how shiny it is. Best moment: spontaneous unexplained juice metaphor.

A backwards world where Zooey is the one who can’t follow other people’s strange speech patterns. I think she might have had something with the birth-insult.

For someone who already has a celeb twin (Katy Perry) Zooey looks and awful lot like Mary-Kate Olsen in a blond wig. While her impression was great, the star of this segment is Taran Killan as Michael Cera. He’s mastered Cera’s art of ending a sentence not by stopping talking but by talking increasingly softer until he becomes inaudible. Side note: I think this show would be a hit on IFC.

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