Deadmau5 Pranks Skrillex By Wearing His Cell Phone Number On The Grammys Red Carpet

Deadmau5 Skrillex cell phone number GrammysAmid the serious tone of tonight’s Grammys, there’s also some levity: A lighthearted prank from DJ Deadmau5 toward upstart dubstep artist Skrillex. A few hours ago, Deadmau5 tweeted from his phone,

Congrats to @skrillex for the best remix grammy :) can’t say I’m not proud!

But @skrillex, doesn’t mean you’re safe from getting the ultimate mau5 trolling experience :) prepare! ;) hahaha love u!

Obviously Deadmau5 must have known that Skrillex was going to beat him, because he appeared on the red carpet — from where he was tweeting — sporting a black T-shirt with a phone number and the oft-used teasing phrase u mad bro?

Skrillex then tweeted,

Haha @deadmau5 just wore my phone number on his fokin shirt on tv gotta retire this phone

According to Deadmau5′s Twitter, Skrillex tried to set up call-forwarding, but the more experienced artist (and more experienced prankster, apparently) said he’s “one step ahead of you.” He obviously thought this out!

Try explaining that to your mom.

Photo: Idolator

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