Questionable Choices: Katy Perry’s Giant Flower Hat

Katy Perry is known for her unique fashion choices. Cotton-candy pink hair. Bra-tops that looks like desserts. But her headwear for last night’s MusiCares Person Of The Year Gala just seemed off.

Normally Katy’s out there fashion statements are made in loud, bright colors that make her look like a one of the girls on a Lisa Frank folder. But last night her hat and dress were in muted pastels; even her make-up was polished and conservative. Maybe it’s because of that the hat just looks like a crepe-paper monstrosity a kid might make for a spring-themed art class: Katy had a chance to pull off a really classy look if she just left the flower in it’s giant hat box.

Perhaps the simple dress and make-up paired with the over sized hat was a way for her to try to find balance, like when you keep the rest of your face natural when you wear bold eye make-up. Next time she should go with a headband and enjoy everyone fawning over how gorgeous she looks instead of scratching their heads and wondering if she was on her way to a royal wedding themed after-party.

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