[UPDATE] Taylor Armstrong Uses Facebook To Release Medical Evidence That Russell Armstrong Abused Her


New Update: Taylor Armstrong posted the following message on her Facebook page:

Thank you for all of the support. I’m taking this doc down for now. Because of the hateful comments it’s going to discourage other victims. It’s so awful that people still make excuses. If someone says they’re being abused. believe them. If they go one step further to show proof, don’t abuse them even further by calling them liars, or saying things like “doctors can be bought”, “she could’ve fallen down”, etc. I’m deeply concerned about some of the posters on here and on Twitter. I’m glad this abuse topic is a hot one and is being brought out into the light. It’s shown me and others why it’s so hard to get out. Doubters, non-believers, name-callers and unsupportive people are also abusers as they keep the cycle spinning. Don’t be one of those people. This conversation will continue…

Update: Taylor Armstrong deleted the medical record (below) from her Facebook page. 

The lingering question since Russell Armstrong committed suicide last fall has been about Taylor Armstrong’s abuse accusations against him. Not only about whether it actually happened, but to what extent it really happened as well as to what Taylor stands to gain financially from speaking out about the situation.

She’s been accused of making it all up, of exaggerating a few isolated incidents and of exploiting the abuse for publicity. She’s publicly fought all these rumors with the consistent message that Russell severely abused her to the point that she had to seek medical attention.

Usually when a woman, famous or not, comes forward with these kind of accusations, the public stands behind her. However in Taylor’s case it’s been an uphill battle to prove that Russell Armstrong really did abuse her.

Sick and tired of not being taken seriously in the mainstream media, she’s turned to social media instead. Earlier this afternoon she tweeted that she would release her medical documents on Facebook in an assumed effort to silence her critics. At around 2:30 this afternoon she released a record from the imaging center who examined her eye after Russell hit her.

The status from her Facebook page read:

 I am about to release my medical documents here on Facebook in a few minutes because of those who continue to call me names or say I’m lying about the abuse. This is harming women all over the US who are suffering in silence. They are afraid that by speaking up, they’ll suffer through the same name-calling, doubters, blamers and haters. Enough. It has to stop. It’s going to stop. Beginning today.

Although I’m not a doctor, it sounds pretty clear from the document below that something happened to her face that shouldn’t have happened. Although we already knew she had a fractured eye socket, this document further proves just how bad it must have been.

Taylor says she’ll be posting more documents later on, but I don’t think it really necessary at this point. Whether he hit her once or he hit her a lot, whether she’s exploiting this opportunity for money or she’s truly trying to speak out for abused women, it doesn’t matter. No one should have to go to the doctor for these types of injuries.



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    • Quigley

      The doctor’s report does not suggest the nature of the trauma. The injury could have arisen from any number causes, among them a clenched fist, but not exclusively. So no, you’re not a doctor, but you don’t have to be a doctor know that people are injured everyday, without being punched. What would have been helpful is that she indicated to the treating physician what had happened. But it seems that you’ve made your mind up, without having all the facts.

    • Linda

      Thank you! While I myself have been hit by a man before and my own sister was horribly abused I, and many of the Taylor skeptics do not condone violence against women. But if anybody has been paying attention, this woman has shown herself to be dishonest, aggressive and nasty when she meets resistance, a known accomplice in husband’s cons, a huge drama queeen, she fake cries with no actual tears every two minutes, she is clearly basking in the glory of her borderline tales. In short she is a pathological liar and a deeply unstable woman (did I mention she is inebriated quite a lot? Hmmm, falling on your face can break some bones–my own mother lost her eye in a bad fall). The fact remains this man is not around to defend himself against any of this and that is so distasteful. She is not a spokesperson for domestic violence on any level.

    • megan reed

      Count yourself among the suckers who haven’t bothered to check teh timeline which shows these injuries could NOT have happened when they did unless she has a clone. Photos show her happy and not a mark on her hours after the purported punch. Doesn’t her con artist background and pretending to be part of the Ford Auto family make you a little skeptical? What about her latest story how Russell turned into a Ninja warrior and tossed 3 people and a dog in a pool, breaking most of the guy’s teeth -medics came but no police report because Taylor didn’t want one. Does that make the slightest bit of sense to you? Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and investigate for yourself before you cosign her lies.

    • Take Our Country Back

      Taylor should be ashamed of herself, as a mother I would NEVER put this out there for my child to see. HORRIBLE MOTHER, she will sacrifice anyone to further her cause of getting money and making Russell look bad.