Die Antwoord Is Your New Favorite Raunchy Rap Duo. Seriously.

You know that crazy friend you have who does the most ridiculous things and makes the most inane comments, yet still manages to have a really successful career? And you’re always like how? How do you operate a meth lab every night and make it to work on time every day? That’s Die Antwoord, a South African couple who have built up a reputation for being a raunchy rap duo with absolutely no boundaries when it comes to their lyrics…or their interviews. Their names alone should make you fall in love with them: Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er (a revised version of her birth name, Yolanda Visser).

Seriously, they did an interview with The Daily Beast  about their career thus far that’s absolutely amazing. It covers everything from how their song went viral on Youtube, how they signed with Interscope records, why they left Interscope records and even how Yo-Landi was courted by Ari Emmanuel for a role in The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo.

While it’s 100% worth it for you to read the whole article, I’d just like to share my favorite quote from Ninja on becoming a fashion muse for Alexander Wang’s spring 2012 campaign:

“He gave us all these white T-shirts and asked us to paint all over them,” explains Ninja. “Alex took us partying to this club, and it was the best night of my life. I nearly got three or four girls pregnant on the dancefloor. Then, I needed to pee but the queue for the toilet was real long, so I peed in this wine glass and put it on the table.”

Like, what!?

I followed the first sentence about getting to paint the white t-shirts and I followed the fact that “Alex” took them to a club. But he lost me at the part where he nearly impregnanted three OR four women on the dance floor. So I’m not sure how we got from the implanation ceremony on the dance floor to him peeing in a wine glass. And you know what, I bet this is  a typical night for him.

“Oh the line for the bathroom is too long, if you’re done with your wine pass me the glass? Oh you’re not done?  Pass it anyways, I really have to piss.”

And that’s why I love Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er. They’re that superfun couple who you go out with once a year, have the time of your life and wake and say “did Ninja try to get me pregnant on the dance floor again?

If you’re not convinced yet they’re your new favorite raunch rap duo, check out their music videos on the next page.

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    • Katrina

      They are seriously amazing live. I saw them by accident at Coachella two years ago and then again that same year at Voodoo Fest. Bizarre show and music but great stage performers.

    • Nicky

      Ok, wow, no.

      I’m a South African (from the same city as these two actually) and I am so sick of hearing Americans going crazy over them. They are ridiculous. A complete joke. Their persona’s (and they are just that, if you listen to the music of their previous band ‘Max Normal.TV’ you’ll see how fake they really are) are based on the gang culture in Cape Town. Their prison-style tattoo’s, zef style (again, a Captonian gang reference), and even the way they speak, is an offensive parody of a very dangerous and unstable side of life in Cape Town. They are the South African equivalent of white frat boys who think they’re gangster.

      Also, half of their lyrics are in Afrikaans! How do Americans even understand them!?

      • David

        Im also from SA. If you take them seriously then you have no idea of what they are actually about. That is like looking at Lady Gaga and thinking all Americans are into meat-suits.

        To find out how insanely talented these guys are, search YouTube for “The Original Evergreens”, “The Constructus Project”, “Max Normal” and “Max Normal.TV”. Even “FuknRad”. They are way more intellectual than anyone actually knows. Nothing they do is accidental.

        Once again, they are an art project built on solid musical skill. That is why they go over the top cape town gangster, with future south africa concepts, with retro popular culture references (80s/90s). These mix well to make people talk about them. They have been around in the music scene in SA for 20 years already and are very professional performers.

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