Video: Sophia Grace And Rosie Perform An Original Rap On Ellen

It would be Sophia Grace and Rosie’s style to return to America just in time to make all the Grammy nominees look like talentless hacks. They’re appearing on Ellen today to debut their brand new original rap song, which I’m sure will go viral by the end of the day.

They’re just an unbeatable duo: tutus, British accents, adorable videos and so many adoring fans. And I have to admit I’ve watched their older videos a few times now. Nothing makes my heart smile more (and I never, ever say things like that. This is just what Sophia Grace and Rosie do to me) than watching them meet Nicki Minaj.

So bookmark this post because next time you have a bad day, you’ll want to watch it to cheer yourself up.

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    • Katie

      Literally the best thing I have seen/heard in my entire life.

    • Jo Ann Potter

      Cannot get enough of them. So glad you have the videos.
      So we can see, and see again and again.
      Dresses you gave today to them just the cutiest thing and the crowns.
      They loved it, loved their reactions.

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