Video Gallery: House‘s 8 Best Moments

House/Cameron Kiss

Let me immediately preface this by saying this scene originally aired without the overdramatic Switchfoot song. But surprisingly, there’s no straight video online, just all these fanvids. This is the clearest version, which sets things up: In 3×15 “Half-Wit,” House claims to be suffering from brain cancer, when in reality he’s just trying to fool another hospital into letting him try a new drug. But his team thinks he’s dying, which leads Cameron — who had flirted with him on numerous occasions — to pull him into a kiss so she could draw blood.

You can’t see it in the video, but he catches her. In that way, the still-young show got to have its cake and eat it, too: Fans rejoiced at seeing one of the couples get together, but it didn’t change anything in the overall plot since she was faking. (Though as she notes, “You kissed back.”)

Huddy Was A Hallucination

Huddy kiss House 5x24 "Both Sides Now"

Despite my love for House/Cameron, the true couple of the show was House/Cuddy, called “Huddy” by the fans. In 5×23 “Under My Skin,” Cuddy coached House through Vicodin withdrawal, and at the end they had sex. Everything seemed to be turning around for Huddy fans in the season finale 5×24, as House was happier and ready to talk to Cuddy about moving in.

Then he discovers that he’s been hallucinating since the night before, and Cuddy never actually came over. Not only did they not have sex, but he’s still addicted to Vicodin. Of course, the more serious reveal was overshadowed by fans’ outrage that David Shore and co. would tease them like that. Thankfully, the creators decided to pair up House and Cuddy for real a year later, in the season 6 finale. Though their romance was short-lived, it led to funny moments like this:


Aside from the incredible writing, what made this show so compelling were the actors who seemed to genuinely have fun with their jobs. This blooper reel from season 2 is the best way to remember the series.

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