Video Gallery: House‘s 8 Best Moments

Model Patient Is Actually Male

House 2x13 "Skin Deep"

Not that this is the only shocking medical plot on the show, but since this list is mostly interpersonal moments, this is the best indication of how the writers had fun with the patients of the week. While treating a beautiful young supermodel for her heroin addiction, the team has reason to believe she’s also suffering from anything from Parkinson’s disease to sexual abuse by her father. (It’s later revealed that she seduced him so that she’d be able to control him, as her manager, to let her do whatever she wanted.)

But the big reveal is that her abdominal pains are actually undescended testicles… She has androgen insensitivity syndrome, which means that she appears as female even though she’s technically male. It’s a twist no one saw coming, and examines intersex issues without making the characters seem like freaks.

House Gets Cured

House 3x01 "Meaning"

3×01 “Meaning” is one of the series’ most bittersweet episodes: As a season opener, it seems to promise drastic change when House is able to walk, run, and skateboard without pain after getting injected with ketamine following his shooting in the season 2 finale. He’s charming, funny without being mean, and actually sensitive to his patients. It’s an abrupt about-face that has fans too speechless to respond for most of the episode.

But then Wilson and Cuddy start to notice that House is bored with his roster of patients. And at the end of the episode, he quietly forges a prescription from Wilson, revealing that the pain is indeed back. The show would give us these brief glimpses of happiness, and then yank them away.

House and Wilson’s Prank War

Long-suffering Wilson endures constant mockery from his best friend; when he temporarily moves in with House, the latter starts a prank war. At first, it seems as if Wilson is going to continue his M.O. of not engaging; then this hilarious moment happened out of nowhere. We all respected Wilson more after that.

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