What’s Up With Camille Grammer’s Weirdly Wholesome Transformation On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills?

Deanna Raphael from HelloGiggles thinks that Camille made the decision to change after watching season 1 and seeing how manipulative and bitchy she came off as. She wrote:

It makes me wonder: if we all flipped a camera on ourselves, would we want to make changes?  Would there be glaring flaws in our personality that we’d fix for the next season?

However, not all of her fans are fooled. On the message board Two Peas in a Bucket, oh yvonne posted how glad she was that Andy called out Camille in part 1 of the reunion show for saying that this season should not have been aired after Russell’s suicide:

If she was so concerned about [Russell's kids], she never would have gleefully “outed” the [domestic violence] issue to begin with. Nope, she was worried about that footage of her opening her mean little mouth, not after all the hard work she did with her PR people to try and restore her reputation this season.

Camille’s outburst certainly was one of the more shocking episodes this season, because the story went from everyone studiously avoiding any signs of Taylor’s unhappiness — like her drunkenly climbing into a suitcase and telling everyone she felt like she was “breaking” — to Camille suddenly laying every gory detail out on the table.

Of course, right after that episode aired, Taylor had booked an appearance on Watch What Happens Live to explain to Andy that she was drunk at that party and that Camille was just trying to help. Sounds to me like a conspiracy theory intent on keeping Camille’s new reputation stainless…

A Bravo insider told RadarOnline that Camille’s transformation is self-serving: She doesn’t want to be on season 3, and the producers don’t really want her back, anyway:

It’s an open secret that Camille most likely won’t be back for a third season. She came off as such a bitch during season one, whereas this season she has been very reserved, and she isn’t exactly eager to return.

The source says that Camille wants to be released from her Bravo contract in order to pursue other projects. Interestingly, she’s always referred to the show as something external; in the reunion, she called it Kelsey’s “parting gift” to her. Signs do seem to point to her wanting out of this reality-TV persona; whether she’s used a fake persona to shrug off her commitments, however, is still unclear.

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    • LAviewer

      Hey, Natalie!
      Your post sounds so bitter and unprofessional.

    • canadian

      Camille is a sly dog. She tries to come off as an innocent victim of everything and I’m tired of her getting away with it. She drops bombs then backs up and lets the fallout happen around her.SHE is the reason Russel killed himself. SHE must’ve known that outing him on National TV was definitely putting Taylor in harms way. Yes Taylor needed to get away from Russel, but bringing it up like that, on TV, is not the way to help a vicitm of domestic abuse. Anyone with half a brain would know that would jeopardize the very person you say you’re only trying to help. I don’t believe for a minute that she’s that stupid. Conniving? yes. Stupid? Doubt it.

    • Zoe DuMouchieler

      Natalie nailed it; Camille is petty, unaccomplished, utterly selfish, jealous, conniving and phoney – to the degree it’s sickening. It amazes me that some have bought her contrived performance this season. I have no use for people this ugly and small – they bore and repel me. Add the fact she’s an ex stripper, grunts naked in soft porn films, and acts demure – and I want to put her at the kids table at Thanksgiving. Old leathery skin, flat ass, dead creepy eyes, witch chin, melting cheeks, silicone breasts – how could you be so unattractive and think your hot?