Video: An In-Depth Analysis Of Courtney Stodden’s Pro Mermaid Sex Commercial

While at first glance the new Courtney Stodden commercial may look like a shameless publicity stunt  for, it’s actually offering us a complex message about the way we look at our dwindling domestic fishing industry, our neverending need to catch on to the next biggest thing and most interestingly, our views on mermaid-human sex.

While most commercials wouldn’t dare to dip their toe in these controversial waters, and Courtney Stodden are diving right in.

Let’s start with the two lone fisherman in the beginning. We can’t even hear what they’re saying because the seagulls are screeching so loudly. Upon first watching this commercial, I assumed the director was simply setting the scene. But upon multiple repeat viewings, I can now say with confidence that the meaning behind the seagulls drowning out the conversations is anything but a simple scene setting. It’s clearly laying out the fact that our domestic fishing industry’s slowly dying  right in front our eyes while our congress squabbles and sqawks about other issues that they deem more important.

Moving on. The starring fisherman (let’s call him Dave to make things easy) manages to finally catch a fish only to find out that it’s not good enough for his fishing colleague (let’s go with Scott). After all this is America where bigger is always better and no matter how many fish you catch, there’s always something bigger that that you missed. In a startling display of conformity Dave throws a much larger hook in the water in hopes of getting that elusive bigger catch.

Finally we arrive at the climax of the commercial where Dave actually manages to catch something bigger — only to realize that a bigger catch leads to bigger problems. It’s a mermaid and although he’s now considered a more successful fisherman, he’s faced with morality issues he’s never even contemplated before. Such as  ”how long can a mermaid survive on land?” and ”is that mermaid old enough to have sex?” and the most complicated question of all,  ”Am I ready to have sex with a mermaid?”

And there you go. A simple commercial analyzed and explained for you. It all makes a lot more sense now, doesn’t it?


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    • kel

      And the gold arm band is still there. I am going to continue with my theory that it is some kind of device that is secretly keeping her alive.

      • Jenni Maier

        Or secretly keeping her young?