Daily WTF: Mitt Romney Now Has A Condom Line

Well we can wrap up the Republican primaries today because Mitt Romney is the first candidate this year to get his very own branded condoms. The coolest part of  Romney-condom-palooza-2012 is that Mitt didn’t even have to ask anyone to make the condoms for him.

Nope, he’s so popular that Say It With Condoms went ahead and designed them for him with the slogan: Despite Mitt’s Inability To Stick To A Position, Romney Condoms Are Great For ANY Position.

So now you’re probably saying to yourself, “This is great news! My boyfriend’s a huge Romney fan and I think this is just the kind of special gift he would love for Valentine’s Day. I’m just not sure if this is the right gift for his penis.”

Don’t worry! The site  laid out its only criteria for wearing a Mitt Romney condom. As long as your penis is an elitist, you’ll be fine.

Not a Romney fan? No fear, Say It With Condoms swings both ways on the political spectrum and they have Obama condoms, McCain condoms and even Sarah Palin condoms.

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