How Many Songs Will Mandy Moore Get To Sing In Her New ABC Show?

Well pull my baby doll dress and platform flip flops out of the closet, because the ’90s are officially back this week! Not only did Monica and Brandy reunite for a “The Boy is Mine” follow-up, but ’90s pop star Mandy Moore has a comedy pilot that just got picked up by ABC. The show’s going to follow a newlywed couple as they open a hip restaurant in a small town.

Now I know, Mandy Moore’s been around since the ’90s. In fact she’s apparently even been guest starring on Grey’s Anatomy.  But I think we can all agree that she was very much a late ’90s pop star. She emerged at the same time as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and the forever pregnant Jessica Simpson and I’ll always group her that way in my head. Basically anyone who’s music I played at my Bat Mitzvah makes my late ’90s pop star list. So yes to everyone reading this who attended my Bat Mitzvah, Eiffel 65 is ALSO on this list.

Since the ’90s however, Mandy Moore has broken into acting and starred in a few decent-to-watch-on-a-Sunday-afternoon films. The only remarkable thing about each movie was that she sang in almost every single one. (Maybe not every single one, a hasty IMDB search shows about 4. But still, that’s kind of a lot considering she’s only been in 14 major movies.) Which leads me to the conclusion that part of her contract must include that the producers try their hardest to find a way to squeeze in a song of hers.

Sometimes, like in Tangled, the singing makes sense as part of the plot. Other times, such as in Princess Diaries, it comes out of nowhere and makes absolutely no sense. Does anyone else remember being totally thrown off when she started singing “Stupid Cupid” on the beach in that movie?

Anyway, I can only assume that since she has a lead role in this new show, she’ll be offered the opportunity to sing. So what you think? Will she sing the theme song? Or will it be more Glee-like (Or I guess Smash is the new hit reference) where she’ll burst into song spontaneously?

Let me know in the comments what you think she’ll sing AND if you’re as excited about this ’90s comeback as I am.

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