Catherine Hardwicke Thought The First Twilight Screenplay Sucked

Catherine Hardwicke says the Twilight script suckedCatherine Hardwicke was always a bizarre choice to direct the mopey first Twilight movie, after coming off the skaters flick Lords of Dogtown and the depressing cautionary tale Thirteen. And now, almost four years after her movie came out, we get some insight into what prompted her to choose the project.

Summit Entertainment handed her a pile of scripts, she told Vulture, but “every one of those scripts sucked. Oh Lord, did they suck.” Even Twilight, penned by Dexter writer Melissa Rosenberg? That’s a surprise; even though the end result of a movie was so cheesy, Rosenberg has worked on some fantastic shows including The O.C. But, as Hardwicke clarifies, she was drawn to the project and Stephenie Meyer‘s books anyway:

“I thought the script was horrible, but then I looked it up on the Internet and I thought, Okay, it’s based on a book and people tend to like it. There’s gotta be something there. So I read the book and I thought it captured that feeling of being madly in love. And I thought, That’s kind of a good challenge, to see if, as a filmmaker, I could make you feel that giddy, crazy… ”

That’s not surprising, considering how Hardwicke channeled teenage angst and a self-destructive spiral through Evan Rachel Wood and Nikki Reed (who went on to play Rosalie Cullen). And here’s another interesting tidbit: Hardwicke signed on to the project on the condition that she got to do a complete rewrite. As Cinema Blend points out, why is it that for all four movies, Rosenberg has gotten the main screenwriter credit? Do the subsequent directors — Chris Weitz, David Slade, Bill Condon – deserve writing credits as well?

Hardwicke should dish on Twilight all the time, since in one interview we got three juicy pieces of insight—the third being the grand showmance of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The director confesses that she felt badly when the two got together, since at the start of filming RPattz was with Nikki and Kristen was dating Michael Angarano. “He’s a wonderful actor,” Hardwicke said. “He was in Dogtown, one of my favorites, so I felt pretty bad because I love him and they were such a great couple.”

Seriously! This interview yielded more gems than most.

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