6 Charles Dickens’ Novels-To-Movies We Love

If Charles Dickens were still alive, he’d be 200 years old today! That would also probably make for one hell of a creepy looking dude. Although it might be interesting to see how the world would be if we still had Dickens in it, it’s probably best that people can’t live that long — yet.

As a man who made his mark on literature, and long after his death, film and television too, we thought it only appropriate to rack our brains for some of our favorite Dickens’ movies. While Dickens may be synonymous with Christmas thanks to his novel, A Christmas Carol, his contribution to the Victorian period extends far beyond that famous piece and encompasses almost four decades worth of work. Sadly, he died at only 58 years old, so both his career and life were cut far too short.

However, this isn’t a lecture on Dickens’ literary accomplishments; instead this is six Dickens-inspired films we love that you may want to see if you haven’t.

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    • Jenni Maier

      Have to say that the Muppets Christmas Carol will win out anytime I’m debating the best of Dickens’ books to movies. And by anytime I mean people rarely ask me for my opinion on the matter.