The Parents Television Council Hates Their Own Children

The Parents Television Council must be absolutely giddy as they watch the Super Bowl halftime show with their young children. Not because they’re spending quality time with their offspring, but because at any moment something “offensive” could flash across their screens, scarring their children for life and giving them a reason to live for one more day. And this year was no different than any other. M.I.A flipped off the camera for a millisecond, giving them more than enough motivation to have an outrage orgasm and write a letter to the media.

The PTC  says that NBC and the NFL should have prevented this from happening. Especially considering that they selected a group of  “performers who have based their careers on shock profanity and titillation.”

Well if the members of the PTC knew that these performers are known for shock profanity and titilation, shouldn’t they have turned the TV off during the Super Bowl halftime show? Wouldn’t it have been a great opportunity to get the kids dessert or make them change into their pajamas and brush their teeth? You know, normal good parent things to do.

It’s not like they thought Madonna was teaming up with Dora the Explorer and Raffi to do a wholesome song and dance and were blindsided by these scandalmakers.

Cee Lo ruined his own surprise performance by posting it on his website before the show  so everyone knew he was showing up. Keep in mind,  this was the guy who got famous by performing a song called “F*ck you.”

It’s the Super Bowl halftime show. Something will happen. If the PTC was truly worried about the children, they wouldn’t take the risk that their children would see anything offensive. Nor would they take something that’s barely offensive, blow it out of proportion and make it a talking point in front of their children for days to come. But I think it’s clear that they’re not worried about the children.


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    • Spo101

      Greaty show Madonna my Italian-American sister.
      At the this years Super Bowl everyone is talking about “the finger” and what a disgusting display it was. I hope anyone wasn’t eating during this outrage because it was truly terrible. I’m not talking about M.I.A. during the Madonna halftime show. NO!

      The finger I’m talking about happened up in Robert Kraft’s skybox. The shot of that fat, loudmouth m***** Rush Limbaugh picking his nose on national TV was more than I COULD TAKE! That’s probably why the Patriots lost in such a terrible manner. Rush Limbaugh spreads bad luck and trouble no matter where he shows up… Hope they fine Limbaugh because he ruined the finger food meal we had set out for the game.

      I am somebody who fights back