Let’s Talk About David Beckham’s Sexy H&M Underwear Commercial

For the first time in recent Super Bowl commercial history, women got to see a barely dressed man exploited on TV. And it wasn’t just any barely-dressed man, it was the insanely sexy soccer player David Beckham caressing himself in his H&M underwear. Although I saw it online last week, there was something a little more startling about seeing it on my TV.

As much as I want to cheer that women are finally getting the chance to ogle someone on TV while the men in the room look around awkwardly, I also feel like those kinds of advertising campaigns are moving us in the wrong direction.

Do we really want GoDaddy.com getting the  idea that the only way to speak to men and women is to throw ridiculously stupid and “sexy” commercials at us? Isn’t it enough that half the commercials that already air on TV are sexist and degrading?

Not to mention these “sexy for women” commercials lead to tweets like this one from Brendan Lowry:

So rather than leveling the playing field when it comes to showing everyone’s sex appeal on TV, it just raises the bar and  helps make it that much more okay to objectify women. God knows if women are allowed to almost see a guy’s package on TV, then it only make sense that men get to see a minute-long cleavage shot commercial advertising beer.

However there is good news amongst all this early morning sexism talk!

According to Forbes, we still have time to turn this around. Last night’s Super Bowl viewers preferred the funny commercials over the sexy commercials. So maybe, just maybe, the advertising community will see this and understand that when it comes to creating successful advertising, it’s okay if everyone wears clothes.

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    • brains

      Well, it’s an UNDERWEAR advertisement. Do you expect an underwear model to wear clothes in an underwear ad? Unlike the minute long cleavage shot of women in a beer ad which the beer has nothing to do with the cleavage at all…at least the H&M was trying to show the underwear as much as they can since from what I understand Americans can’t watch the bulge on tv.

      • Jenni Maier

        Yes, this ad definitely had a better reason to show a naked body…but will it lead beer ads to get more suggestive?? Do we need to see how someone wears underwear? I don’t think anyone saw that commercial and was like OMG, so that’s where you put your legs!

    • Rhonda

      I am 150% a-okay with “dumbing ourselves down” if it means getting to see David Beckham in his sexy knickers!! Haha!! Let’s be real, here: Sex sells and it’s about bloody time we ladies get to do the drooling!!