Kyle Richards Continues To Be The Least Crazy Of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

The second half of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion airs  tonight and if it’s anything like last week’s “let’s all attack Lisa” verbal assault, it’s going to be juicy. And by juicy I mean I hope it takes a turn for the Jersey and someone pulls someone’s hair. Preferably Camille Grammer’s hair, just because I can’t stand her smirk.

Amidst all the craziness of the past two seasons, Kyle Richards and her family have come to represent some kind of sanity. While that’s not exactly hard when you’re dealing with a show that includes celebrity divorce, suicide, alcoholism and insane amounts of money, Kyle Richards still pulls it off and is one of  the very few housewives who I would actually considering being friends with in real life.

(Of course, in this context, friends means someone you let sleep with your husband. That’s probably a standard part of friendship when you’re married to Mauricio Umansky.)

Kyle recently did an interview with Parade Magazine where she discussed the show, her marriage and what it’s like to grow up in Hollywood. Among her many sane quotes is this one about raising her family without help.

“I grew up in a town where everyone had so much and we always had nice things, but my mom was one of these women who liked to do everything herself. Even though we had housekeepers, she’d be right there with them and she would always do her own hair and makeup while all the other women were at salons. That was my role model growing up. It was always very important to my mom that we were down to earth. She made us clean our own rooms and wash our own cars. That’s how I was raised and that’s how I want my daughters to be raised. Plus, I enjoy it. I enjoy being with my kids. I don’t want someone else driving my children to school. I want to be there with them in the car having those conversations.”

A Real Housewife who knows the expression “down to earth” and knows how to use it correctly in a sentence! It’s almost like she’s a real, live person. Sure she can be judgmental and preachy, but she’s related to Kim Richards. That’s enough to make anyone learn how to develop a killer stink eye.

So while I didn’t love her behavior during the reunion last week, I still think she’s one of the most normal, and yes, down to earth housewives out there.

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    • mizbiz

      normal?? youve got to be kidding or on Kyles payroll! thanks for throwing “I didnt lover her behavior this season blah blah blah”.. what ELSE are you using to gauge her normalcy?? she berates, harrangues and harasses her sister and anyone else who gets in her way .. shes right //she IS the LUCKIEST GIRL IN BH.. cuz for sum reason… no one ever calls her on her behavior? i thot this was reality tv….not a sitcom !!!

    • BM Barbie

      Haha wow. If you think Kyle is normal I’m glad I don’t live in your world. Just to put a few things in perspective since you broadly refer to all the housewives when comparing normalcies: Lisa runs her own businesses and family and calls herself “down to Earth.” Vicki Gunvalson, since you are clearly not gaging your opinion on whether or not someone is a total b**** because then Kyle wouldn’t make sense as a choice, runs her own business and family and considers herself “down to Earth.” Kandi from RHofAtlanta makes her own money and raises a daughter by herself, Caroline Manzo raised three children and co-runs a huge business, Lea Black runs tons of charities while raising her son, Adrienne Maloof runs multi-million dollar companies and raises her three boys….so what makes Kyle more “normal” again? All of these ladies describe themselves as “down to Earth” so that’s not it…most have husbands and children so that can’t be it….many grew up with WAY less money and NOT in the spotlight as children so that can’t be it…Oh you just like her and decided to write this insufferable piece of fluff with an unjustifiable headline?? THERE IT IS.

    • Chris

      Well, I always felt some empathy towards Kyle because she seemed so deeply affected and torn by Kim’s illness. Yet, that reunion changed my mind completely about Kyle. Yes, she is lucky she has a loving husband and family–I agree there.
      But, there is a very mean streak in her that came out at the reunion and she targeted that mean streak or jumped on Adrienne’s bandwagon to verbally Lisa. She’s lost a huge fan base over that and I don’t know if she can redeem herself. She really was so nasty and snarky. No longer a fan…don’t care how lucky she is. I do wish her sister well. “Down to earth”….just not so sure.

    • Annie

      The writer must be delusional or on the payroll. Kyle is the worse and the utimate bully’s bully. She feels she must take down anyone she is threatened by. It was Camille last season and now Brandi and Lisa. I wonder if Camille’s real estate didn’t benefit Maurico if Kyle would even be nice to her. I also wonder if Kyle holds a grudge against Lisa since Lisa did not appear to use Maurico as the agent for the sale of her home. It’s all about Kyle and how she will benefit. Kyle is so jealous of Brandi because she is gorgeous, younger, and slimmer than hefty Kyle who needs to hit the gym big time.

    • Jeannie

      Kyle attacks only when she’s got a mob behind her. She won’t stand up by herself and make these comments. She’s too cowardly. I find nothing attractive about her because she is a snot with a long pointy finger. Didn’t her mother teach her it’s not polite to point?

    • red

      This Kyle lady is just plain mean and a bully and the more she has a troop behind her that she’s rallied, the meaner she gets. There is nothing nice or decent about her.

    • sydney

      Are you friends with Kyle’s publicist or what? Kyle’s the worst. She behaved poorly all season. Watching the reunion solidifies what I’ve thought from the beginning that she is the most calculating housewife of the bunch! After last week’s reunion episode I didn’t think she could get worse, but not owning up to her abusive, juvenile behavior on game nite was insane. She blatantly sidestepped her responsibility in knowing where Brandi’s crutches were. Just because she didn’t hide them doesn’t let her off of the hook for not telling Brandi where her crazy sister hid them!! Come on! Frankly, the fact that she hangs with Taylor is a dead giveaway to who she is. Taylor is not honest and obviously is incredibly ill. Bravo needs to get her off the show ASAP!! Kyle, stop with the smug looks when Lisa and Brandi speak. It’s gross and demeaning.

    • Crazy

      Kyle was a little mean this season, but I still think she is great. Brandi is the crazy B****.

    • Mias101


    • libshea

      Kyle the most normal, down to earth housewife? PLEASE! She was horrible this season. I think you must be working for her Publicist — or you watched a different show than I did.

    • Claire

      I used to be a Kyle fan, but not any more. After Games Night there was no turning back. She was quite terrifyingly cruel.

    • Jenni Maier

      I should have clarified in my post. I don’t think Kyle is nice and sweet. I just think she’s more mentally stable than most of them. She knows what she’s doing and I think knows how she’s perceived by the public. She might manipulate her image, but that just shows she’s aware of what’s going on around her. I fear to think her sister is manipulating her image because that would only show me that she WANTS to come off as a crazy, unstable alcoholic.

    • clairewales

      Is this a joke ? the woman’s been vile and vindictive all season. I can’t get over how she hasn’t been pulled up on half the things she’s done. The way she rolls her eyes and judges others, who the hell does she think she is ? down to earth ? you must be on the same stuff Kim’s on if you think THAT is down to earth, she is stuck up, arrogant and vile. I will be disappointed in Lisa if she ever bothers with this nasty woman ever again.