Demi Moore Is In A Rehab In Utah

After all the rumors and speculation, Demi Moore has finally officially entered a rehab center, specifically the Cirque Lodge, a treatment center where many celebs go to get healthy. Demi is most likely seeking help for drug problems that reached their peak when she had to be taken to the hospital on January 23rd.

Demi arrived at the center a few days ago and will be at the treatment center for a least a month. Hopefully that will give her enough time away from the public eye to be able to concentrate on dealing with her problems. She’s already gotten a lot of support from celebrities that are hoping she’ll recover soon. Madonna phoned her  at the hospital to see if she needed anything (what do celebrities get each other as hospital care packages if the rest of us send gossip magazines?) and Miley Cyrus, who worked Demi on the new movie   LOL: Laughing Out  seems to have called for any Demi comentators who’ve been less then positive to back off.

Getting back to a healthy life won’t be easy, but hopefully it’ll be a little easier knowing she has friends that have her back.

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