Cory Monteith Is Sorry For Party Rocking

Cory Monteith
just can’t stop the music, but as he learned last night, the cops can. Cory was having a birthday celebration for a friend when the festivities got a little too noisy for the neighbors who called the cops, I’m sure to tell them, “Those Glee kids are singing Journey again, make them stop!”

Cory and the person he shares his Hollywood Hills home with were polite when the police showed up around 4:30 in the morning, agreeing to turn off the tunes and send the guest home. His roommate got a ticket, but Cory was able to get away unscathed.

Some other unidentified Gleeks were also there enjoying the party. Now the question is who does Cory like to hang out with outside the halls of McKinley? I kind of hope it’s fringe Glee players like Josh Sussman (Jacob Ben Israel) or Vanessa Lengies (Sugar Motta). If it was a group of the leads the noise disturbance might have been intense harmonization, not blaring speakers.

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    • gillian

      Lea, Chris and Ashley Fink were all there.