Channing Tatum Played Other Hot Guys On SNL

SNL likes to give their guest stars roles that play to their strengths or reference what they’re known for. They gave Katy Perry boob jokes, Daniel Radcliffe a Harry Potter sketch, and last night they decided Channing Tatum should play other hot guys. Scantily clad hot guys that felt the need to dance with as much thrusting as possible. As a stripper, Tom Brady, and Matthew Mcconaughey Channing proved he could fill the man candy shaped hole in SNL. Here are some of the best Tatum as a male pin-up sketches, along with the opening skit that proves politics keep giving SNL more and more material.

Channing should be a pro at gyrating for the ladies after shooting his male stripper film Magic Mike, but I think he got out-stripped by Jay Pharoah.

What started as an excuse to get Channing into the golden booty shorts from Rockey Horror turned into a pretty decent Matthew Mcconaughey impression. The real one must be looking up those bongos on eBay right now.

They threw in a topical hot guy for Channing, but he still had to do a sexy dance. The objectification of men in Hollywood is just getting worse every day.

Only two years until moon colonies. Start stock piling freeze-dried ice cream and tang.

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